A Sprinkling- Lakeside Edition

There have been 2 gorgeous days in June. Both of which we spent at the lake.

We’d really, really appreciate a lot more of these for July.

Though the Geese prefer the clouds and cool, for they get the beach all to themselves. As we lay our beach blanket and get ourselves sorted, the geese come over, not with welcoming looks so much as suspicious ones.

Then, a staredown ensues.

Brennyn VS. Goose

Their eyes shift between each other, then the goods.

Kaya’s goods in actual fact. Flip Flops and Shades.

Turning away for the briefest of moments to help Kaya with the sand toys, I turn back to this:Ding, ding, ding, ding… Kaya announces the clear winner of bout one BRENNYN!Goose, not one to give up, seeks another opponent.

Bout #2-  Goose VS Kaya

“Mooommm,” Kaya whines, “there is Goose Poop where I want to make a sandcastle.”

“Then move somewhere else.”

“Ewwww, poop is here too!”

So Mom, not even participating in the match, can still proclaim herself as the clear loser what with all the shoveling of goose poop off the beach.

20 minutes go by. Goose and Kaya eye each other up menacingly but otherwise the battle is an uneventful one.

Until, that is, Kaya looks up from her shoveling handy work and proclaims,

“I made a Goose Potty!”

And she so totally did.

Winner by a hare (or a goose if you will) KAYA!!! Rah, rah… The crowd goes wild!

Speaking of hares, another day at the beach brings an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter  (with Rabbit of course) Tea Party!Such an amazing event put on by our local arts council. Gorgeous set-up lakeside with the arts council all dressed up serving tea and cupcakes.
Music, flowers, ring makers, picnic blankets, friends (so many friends!), and hula hoops abound.

This sets up another fierce competition.

Daddy VS. DaughtersShamelessly, Daddy wins. By a landslide.

But Kaya figures it out too and boy is she proud. As she should be.

And Brennyn? Well, she finds her own way.

As she does.

But back to beachside shall we?

Backside too. You can’t see it here, but B is watching a butterfly fly away.

Which was perfect since it just so happened to be Butterfly Day. Which is a real day wouldn’t ya know. Only it fell on the same day as Father’s Day this year. Since my kids are not yet literate, I easily moved the day to fit a sunny day of our own. We crafted butterflies, had butterfly cut-out sandwiches, read butterfly books and went to the lake to search for butterflies. My greatest hope was that we would at least spot another small white one like we had the last time at the lake. But oh, magic happens on Butterfly Day. Even self-made ones.

For the butterfly’s flew. Lots of them. In varying colours. Knowing we were in celebration of them, they came to dance too.

Too bad Kaya squealed with a Fear/Glee combo that prevented any further butterfly dances.

Leaving us three girls to dance on our own. Between all the shoveling, wading, picnicing and bubble blowing.

“Beach days are fun days!”

Kaya’s words.

So much more succinct and true than my own.


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