When Daddy’s Away

Bal is away this week for work. Kaya, super sensitive to one of us leaving for a run or a bike ride even, does not love these times. There are a lot of sighs with “I miss Daddy…” There are a few instances of defying me, “I like when Daddy makes chicken.” or “I want to be a Daddy when I grow up.”

My favourite moment was when, mid dinner, she drops her spoon and gasps “Does Daddy eat dinner?” Worried that her Daddy may be starving to death since he’s missing our family meal. Don’t worry sweetie, he’s probably eating better than us. Though I try not to think about the plethora of restaurants choices he has with no thought of kids meals. Sigh.

At one such remark complete with big pouty lip and moist eyes, I cave and tell her the surprise for when Daddy comes home. A daddy/daughters date to go see Thomas the Tank Engine! Kaya loves anticipation. She adores counting down the days and seeing it on the calendar, so yes, I tell her. And she is thrilled. Brennyn too who, like most 2 year olds, LOVES trains.

That’s when I decide to amp up the anticipation and take a drive to the dike, which just happens to be directly beside the train park. We drive on a dusty dirt road until I see it, Thomas peaking through the trees. I slam on the breaks, squeal in delight (totally encouraging giddiness here!) and run out of the car, madly getting them out too, so they too can sneak a peek. Awesomeness. They giggle at this sneak-a-peak view and we all clap our hands and dance beside the car. Anticipation built thank you very much. The rest is up to Daddy on his date day!

When we go to leave, we find we are trapped by a train parked, not allowing any traffic through. Annoyed at first since we were on our way to the park for play and a picnic, I quickly create a back-up plan and do a u-turn. We can’t get out, but we can take a drive to the estuary.

Boy am I happy we did. Five minutes away from my house, and I haven’t been since Brennyn’s been born. Forgot how peaceful, and gorgeous, it is. We saw tons of birds, one prominent black one with a red chest and chin that sang us a song. We went on a nature walk. We found a log and made our own picnic spot. We frolicked and played and marveled. How can you not in a place like this:

The girls got silly. As they are wont to do.Then they set off on their own for there is some serious exploring to be had!Rumblings in the tumblings tell me it is time to eat. So we grab a log.

Riley enjoys herself too. Frolicking doggy = happy doggy.

Eventually I decide we had better get going as there are groceries to buy and naps to be had. Suggesting such nonsense gets me these looks.

Faces that say, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me Mamma…’

In perfect light.

Yah, we totally stay awhile.


2 thoughts on “When Daddy’s Away

  1. Thanks! Amazing light which I guess is why the professional photographers head that way for so many of their photo shoots!

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