Art by Kaya

One thing I am not good at doing is sitting down with my girls and doing art with them. When they are drawing, this tends to be my time to prep/make/clean meals. 99% of the time, the drawing is being done with absolutely no input from me. Which is why I love Kaya’s art so much. Just seeing, through her art, what inspires her. Lately, it’s all about rainbows and butterfly’s. And her family. So many perfect family photos, so much better than any photo I could snap.

Sticker art is always fun! Especially when it includes a rocket ship surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

Rainbows are huge. And apparently the alphabet gets boring after ‘S’. I just love that she did this without any adult supervision. No idea whether she did this looking at a book or on her own but it makes me happy.

Ah yes, a camping scene. Tents, a campfire, and always, always butterflies!

So when Kaya told me ‘monies was boring’ if the Tooth Fairy came, I told her she could use that money to buy something. Like a book.

Eyebrows go up, twinkle in the eye begins as she sing-songs “Or a movie? A BARBIE movie!”


Of course you can not get a movie (or a book) for $2 but she has no concept of quantity so I relent. Upon leaving for daycare, she grabs my hand, puts in the two loonies and says “Okay mom, you can go get me a Barbie movie today while I’m at daycare. One that has something to do with teeth so I know about the Tooth Fairy!” Which I thinks is her way of saying she wanted a reminder of how she got that movie. So cute.

Anyways, I go, happily without her so I can pick the best of the bunch in terms of lessons and morals. As in, NO FASHION RUNWAY FAIRYTALE CRAP. Sorry if you have some of that. Please have no doubt that I am sure to end up with it too. But for now it is my choice. So I choose one where Barbie is a surfing champion who discovers she is part mermaid. It is alright. But totally worth Kaya drawing this picture!
Anyone read Jillian Jiggs? If so, you should recognize this Monster Machine. Just like Jillian Jiggs with her best bud and their sisters, this features Kaya, her best bud, and their lil sisters. Love.
Ummm, perhaps I need a translator.

Kaya Love Mommy. Sweet right?

Riley Killered Mommy…
Love Kaya

Alrighty then.
Finally, Kaya requested to paint posters ‘to put ALL over town’ to cheer on the Vancouver Canucks! She did the logo, the orca whale, the colours and handprints all around ‘cuz that’s me cheering!’ So awesome.


One thought on “Art by Kaya

  1. LOVE artwork! Yesterday, I sorted through a ginormous stack of Kam’s artwork that has been piling up for months. I plan to do my bi-annual photoshoot of the masterpieces. Like you, I was amazed by what I was looking at. Makes me laugh! Bals goatee – totally awesome! And what is it about Barbie movies? I hear that a lot over here too!

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