A Tooth Story

A few days ago, we were eating dinner when I glanced at Kaya and noticed something strange. She had crooked teeth! She has never had crooked teeth so I take a closer look and a tooth wiggles. Kaya has her first loose tooth! After looking slightly bewildered (she was mearly mirroring my own face I am sure!), Kaya embraces this milestone right along with moving to a booster seat, getting her Kindergarten immunization and doing Kindergarten orientation.

The wiggly tooth stuck around for about a week, through hard play camping, eating corn on the cob and chowing down on Smores. Then yesterday after brushing her teeth, I wash her face. Kaya starts doing that lip singy songy thing while I rub the facecloth up and down over her mouth. Then *ting*, Kaya and I look at each other, *ting-ting-ting-ting* as something drops and rolls.

“You’re tooth!” I yell while she looks on gobsmacked right as she starts to taste the blood. What the hell is going on Mother? is the look she gives me before I start jumping up and down and high-fiving her. She squeals in glee while I shove a facecloth in her mouth and look for the bouncing tooth.

Her first tooth is out. Wow. I am so unprepared for this moment, certain I had a good year before this milestone came. Yet here we are. In the moment, I am giddy right along my girl. Only later, after the Tooth Fairy has done her job, do I mourn the loss. Just a little. The loss of her beautiful tooth but more the moving on from the little kid. This moment hits me harder than Kindergarten orientation. Maybe because I have grown accustomed to all the growth. Grow taller, hair longer, vocabulary expanded. Now here, a loss first, in order to gain. A profound insight into life? Or maybe I just miss Oprah already…

Anyways, here first, a Dental Evolution from May 2007 to May last year.

Then the wiggle. Kaya wouldn’t take her hand out of her mouth long enough for me to snap a crooked tooth photo but this more accurately shows this time anyways.

Then yesterday, moments after the tooth fell!

Showing off the gap and the treasure!

Love the tongue trying to poke through!

Keeping the tooth in a safe place until the Tooth Fairy comes!

Then placing it under the pillow.

“What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth mom?” To which I have no answer. I suggest she builds a castle with them, but this kind of grosses out both of us. Is there a story here that I don’t know about because now I can’t help but imagine the Tooth Fairy as a kind of sadistic freak?! I keep that opinion to myself though, while Kaya glows about fluttering wings and magic cloud castles.

Last night, the Tooth Fairy came, bringing 2 Loonies and the book Silverlicious. This was actually going to be a surprise present for our next Fairy Princess Picnic but since the story is all about Pinkalicious losing a tooth, I figured it was perfect for the Tooth Fairy to bring as an extra special treat since this was her 1st.

Kaya was tickled pink (haha) and went off to preschool today with her Fin (GO CANUCKS!!), her new book to share with her friends, and a big gappy, gorgeous smile.

Which you don't see here since I blinded her with the flash on the first photo (eyes closed on that one) which annoys her so she tells me I can only take one more photo. This is what I got. lol. Growing up for sure!


5 thoughts on “A Tooth Story

  1. This is awesome, your daughter is adorable! My mom still has a little box with all my teeth in it. Last time I checked, nobody else does this, so I’m glad I found another mom who does 🙂

  2. Oh man. I am not prepared for this stage at all. Loosing teeth makes me feel queasy, even reading this had my tummy kind of feeling tight!
    But the after-photos made up for it and then I was just a tad bit teary. Must be the Oprah factor! ; ) I can only imagine the excitement at daycare right now! So awesome!

  3. So cute! I love the sweet little tooth holder, too. I’ve been trying to come up with an appropriate tooth holder/pillow/box for my little boy. He is almost 3 and having an injured tooth pulled in 2 days! (Oh, and if you ever find yourself in need of a good resource on taking care of kids’ teeth, I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to be very helpful!) So I’m running out of time. Any good ideas? Honestly, I don’t think he will even care if he doesn’t have a special tooth pillow or something… it’s more of a mom issue! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post. Good idea about the special book, too!

    • Hi Emily,
      Actually, when the Tooth Fairy snuck into the room to exchange teeth for money, she couldn’t find the tooth because Kaya took it out of the box and put it directly under the pillow instead!! So a box is probably not entirely necessary though it is super cute 🙂 Try the dollar store or even look online for mini boxes you can make with thicker scrapbooking paper.
      Good luck with the injured tooth!

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