Seeing Flowers Through the Rain

Doing everything possible to ward off the blahs. 7-day forecast of rain and gloom keeps extending itself.

So I position flowers accordingly.

Real ones,

And crafted ones,

Changing my view from gloom to bloom.

Literally and figuratively.

Kaya helps with this mindset, reminding me that the rain helps our newly planted flowers grow. Just like vegetables help her to grow, she suggests.

“Look at me mom!” said glowing, “I am 40lbs!”

Which means she has graduated to a booster seat leaving us both doing the happy dance. Me because I am tired of cursing her car seat and the lack of cooperation I got in doing up her belt. Her because she is tired of my ‘fwustwation’ doing her up daily.

“I’m not little anymore mom. I’m a big girl. I don’t need a car seat and I got a Kindergarten shot (immunization). Before I am even 5 mom! That means I am big.”

Yup, no gloom here, all bloom.

Well, maybe a little gloom.

“Mom, when you’re 101 will you be dead?”

And how can I answer that but truthfully. Then,

“Am I going to die?”

Again, truthfully. With lots of ‘in a long, long, long, long time’ talk and existential ponderings (blabberings) about circles of life and how souls and love live forever.

“I don’t want you to die.” Tears here.

“I don’t want to die.” Full on crying here. Tears now on both sides.

And hugs. Big, delicious, grasping, squeezy hugs.

Arms wrapped around me, she spots Fin (Canucks mascot and FAVE stuffy of the moment)

“Fin’s not gonna die!” Adamant. Insisting.

“That’s true.” I agree, happy that can provide some comfort.

But instead,

“I wanna be a stuffie!” Insisting. But also knowing.

Around this time she farts. I do not react, but she does. Big giggles which make me giggle which leaves us both giggling. Amongst the tears. Still holding tightly to one another.

Yes, rain is necessary for growth.

Literally and figuratively.


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