Must. Leave. House.

Friday with not a thing on the itinerary. No playdates, activity, or craft idea in the works. Plus it’s raining.

7:20am and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day. If you live in my household, you know- toddler, preschooler, dog and husband alike- do not bug me until it is done. I serve breakfast first, then settle into the couch with coffee in hand to begin the wake up process. Of course, this is not full-proof. More often than not I am wiping up oatmeal, getting more water, restocking the toilet paper roll or stopping a sisterly battle during this ‘me’ time.

On this morning, just as I begin pouring my cup, Brennyn yells “POOP!” I consider this a favour since normally she would wait until I’ve poured my cup and settled in. So I return the coffee pot and we head upstairs to change a bum. Upon finishing, Kaya tells me she wants to dress herself and stay playing upstairs. I need coffee so leave them there.

15 minutes folks. It’s all I need. All I ask for.

Today I even get it. Then, just as I take my last gulp, “Mommmmmyyy, I NEED YOU TO SEE SOMETHING PLEASE!!”

No problem. Coffee done. I head up.

To this:Every single piece of clothing from the dresser on the floor. Mixed in with the dirty laundry I might add. And Kaya inside.

I don’t know what most mother’s would do in this situation, but I laugh. Hard. Then take this picture. Then get Kaya out and ask them to clean it up. Then ask them to clean it up again. And again. And again… Because the initiative to destruct is far more fun than having any initiative to clean. 15 minutes (or less) to destroy and an hour (or more) to fix. And fixed by children which means I need to get in there and actually fold/organize at some point. For now, just know that the disheveled pile on the floor is now 8 disheveled piles inside the dresser. Sigh.

After the hour of cleaning, I need a shower so I set Kaya up with cartoons and put Brennyn in her crib with a bottle for her morning ‘rest’ time. She doesn’t normally sleep, but does enjoy her bottle and some soother with blankie time. Down time is usually welcomed.

Today, however, I exit the shower to squeals and jumps of delight from her crib. I walk in to find she has stripped herself right naked. Clothes off. Diaper off. “HI MOMMY!!”

Fortunately she has not pooped or peed in the meantime…

Clearly I need a plan. Plan A- get the hell out of the house!

So we don our raingear and head out for some flower spotting and puddle jumping. Good spring fun.She’s not trying to whack her sister I promise! No, sweet love thinks she’s stopping the rain. Love.
This is the only flower shot I got. We were too busy playing Follow-the-Leader and Skip-To-My-Lou around the gardens to stop for photos.

Hunger grumbles and potty emergencies soon lead us indoors. To the play area and new cafe (Galileo-yes!) in our Adventure Centre where miraculously, the girls play at the kitchen and train table for 45 minutes without calling me once. Not once! An entire newspaper and steamy hot Americano thoroughly enjoyed. Oh, and they had fun too. Win, win.

That's a waterfall I was trying to capture outside the window.

Before you know it, nap time arrives and we head home where they snooze and I write this.

Who needs plans. Who cares if there’s rain. Spontaneous Friday fabulousness works too!


2 thoughts on “Must. Leave. House.

  1. So funny! And I can so relate to the clothes on the floor, omg can I ever.
    Sounds like a fantastic spontaneous Friday! And yip yip yipeee for Galileo coffee at the Adv. C. We were there yesterday!

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