4.5 Year Old Reasonings

“Mom, do doggies have vaginas?”


Kaya is currently obsessed with 2 things- butterflies and Disneyland. Providing butterflies is easy. Crafts, clothes, even a visit to the aquarium provides bountiful butterflies. Freakin Disneyland is another story.

“When can we go to Disneyland mom?”

“When Brennyn is 5.”

“When I am 5?”

“You heard me. When Brennyn is 5 so you will be 7.”

“I’m 5 soon so I’m going to Disneyland!”

This conversation has occurred approximately twice a day for a month now. Every time she asks, I answer and she ignores me entirely.

The other day she surprises me.

“We’re going to Disneyland when I’m 7 mom?” pout, pout.


Then, in her best whiny voice “But I’ll break all the rides when I’m 7.”



Speaking of smartass…

“Mom, you should eat with your mouth closed and not talk. You tell me that.”

After chewing, “Sorry, you’re right.”

“You laugh when Brennyn told Daddy ‘No Thank You’. Now you talk with food in your mouth. That’s not good.”

Fortunately I just took a large bite of dinner so can not respond to Miss Manners the way I would like to.


Walking into the girls bedroom, they are rolling atop one another giggling which makes me giggle. “You guys make me laugh everyday!” I say to them.

Kaya stops, smiles knowingly and retorts “Yah… Except yesterday right mom?”

Because mamma was hungover and tired and grumpy yesterday and we all know it. But I persist, “Well, I think you did make me laugh one time yesterday…”

Traumatized and with tears welling up, Kaya informs me,

“I remember that. It was when I bonked my head.”

Which sadly, is true. But I mean it was a spectacular splat! Three Stooges worthy which I try to explain to her but she’s too busy crying to hear me. Bad mommy…


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