Four Delicious Days

Easter Friday

There are moments in a mother’s life where you just want to grab your kids and hug them and squeeze them and kiss them all over. Sometimes to protect them, sometimes just for the love of it, and on this day, with my Kaya, for being oh so proud.

Early in the day, the girls were playing at a park when a girl starting beating on Kaya. Like, full on beating on her chest. Kaya tried to grab her arms and stop her. Tried to back away. But the girl kept on coming. The mother was nowhere around. I ran over to put a stop to it then told Kaya she could come over with me and Brennyn on the other side. Tears flowing, she shook her head no and insisted on staying.

Because you know what? She sensed the girl was not a regular 3-year-old. The girl was behind developmentally and my girl grasped this in her own way. So I tentitively back away, watching all the while. What I witness is Kaya smiling shyly. Then making a silly face and jumping up, pretending to bonk her head and falling to the ground. The girl giggles. Kaya giggles and acts sillier. The girl giggles and acts silly alongside her. It takes every ounce of will I have to not run over and smother Kaya in kisses and tears.

A little later Kaya returns to us. She hops in my lap, sheds a few more tears and gives me a big squeeze. I squeeze her back, tell her how proud I am of her and shed some tears of my own.

Soon after we head to the Adventure Centre for an Easter Egg hunt. After it is done, there are a few kids who didn’t find any or were just a wee bit late. More tears fall.

So while this picture looks like they’re fighting over a bag of candy, what is actually happening is them scrambling to get out the eggs so they can share with those who missed out.

So, so proud of these girls!

After the hunt, gelato is in order.

We got them in bowls as I felt the risk of the gelato falling out of the cone was too great. Since B dispensed with the spoon and dove face first right in, we will do cones the next time!


What a glorious, sunny, warm day perfect for train rides, hay and most especially, the beach! First we take the Stanley Park mini train ride. Kaya spent the first half too worried about the huge bear from the Christmas train appearing but when she realized it wasn’t coming, she had fun. Brennyn loves trains and it was worth going just for her ‘ChooChoo’ face throughout.Next we head to the hunt! While waiting to get in, Kaya creates chalk art while Brennyn scales rocks and sees how high she can jump.Then it’s eggs in a haystack. Fun!Or it is once we figure out what the hell we’re supposed to be doing. It takes B awhile…

After a picnic and some castle playground play, we hit the beach!

I can not even begin to describe what the beach does for my soul. Sun beating down, toes buried deep in the sand, giggling girls… Perfection. Joy.

The girls, well, they do what they do.

Kaya builds and digs and observes the comings and goings of both people and the oceans tides.

And Brennyn, she heads straight to the sea. Without hesitation.Tights and all. By the time we leave she is fully soaked.

And happy.

Kaya too. After getting her bearings and absorbing some sun, the girl is ready to soar.

Joy I tell you. Pure Joy.


The Easter Bunny arrives!
The Easter Bunny leaves a butterfly craft (because Kaya is obsessed with butterflies at the moment!) and a mailbox each. Inside, the first clue for the treasure hunt! So fun. The clues are pictures of things throughout the house and the girls go run from picture to picture to picture, 25 of them in fact, until reaching the grand finale!
I know, I know, the Easter Bunny goes a little crazy at our house. But we don’t do any chocolate anything and I happen to think this is the perfect time to get prepared for the outside fun of summer! So with wagon, hoola hoops, chalk, umbrella and bubbles, we are set for the season!


Bal is not off today so it’s just the girls for our 4th day of fun. I take them to a local campground where bunnies often roam but we don’t see any this time so we head across the street instead, to the waterfall.

Here the path towards it.

Passing the creek along the way.

Helping her sister even though no rain is actually falling down…

Brennyn insisted on finding every rock she could find, climbing it and jumping off. Didn’t know I could be so proud and so fearful at the same time. Jeesh.

Then I took this one.For nostalgic reasons. Because almost exactly 2 years ago (less one week), here’s Kaya.

And would ya look at that, they’re wearing the same pants.

Why does that make me want to cry?

If you were wondering, this is where Brennyn was two years ago less a week.

Delicious memories. Delicious weekend.

I leave you now wiping away a few tears. Of joy mostly. But mixed with wistfulness, nostalgia and pride too.


One thought on “Four Delicious Days

  1. Such a great post Kari! Had me a bit teary at the beginning for sure! That Kaya girl of your is delicious in her own quiet way! ; )
    LOVE the photos at Shannon Falls. What a great snap of your baby belly! Where does time go?

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