Geek Love

I just had to enter our Riley-Roo in the iheartfaces pets competition this week.

It makes me snort laugh every single time I look at it.

And I look at it a LOT.

For I love me a good snort laugh…

For the record, I subjected the whole family to this game of dress-up and no persons or pets were harmed in the making of these photos.

Side effects included slight wooziness and many glares at the matriarch of the family (which I should clarify is me, not Riley who likes to think she is!)


9 thoughts on “Geek Love

  1. Wow, this is too funny! I have some pictures like this of my parents old dog, we dressed her up all sorts of ways. Its so perfect how he’s lookin right at the camera! Great job 🙂

  2. Really funny! she seems to be such a character!!
    I love the way you describe her!!! I used to have a spanish cocker who barely tolerates any of us living in his house too!!!

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