Colour Me Easter

Well, the rain is falling once again. The Canucks lost. Again. The girls have colds and I have a migraine.

Thankfully, we had a fabulous Easter long weekend filled with family outings, sun (SUN!), community egg hunts and colour. Oh the colours! Though it’s dreary and cold today, I am warmed by the colours in my photos and will share my top 10 here with you now, in no particular order.

10. My tea sampler pack. Yummy.

9. Kaya’s friends friends toque.

8. Gelato and Easter Baskets in the sun.

7. Tulips and eggs. Chalk optional (though quite fun to decorate eggs with!)

6. Legginged toes in the ocean. Perfection.

5. Kaya dresses herself now. Always. I am not good at it she tells me. Which is true. I never would have paired this vibrant green shirt with a lacy pink skirt. Which would have been my loss.

4. The Easter Bunny brought Kaya a basket for her bike filled with chalk. If these colours do not lift your spirits, go buy some chalk pronto, plant thee bum on some pavement and create!

3. This is the first year we’ve had candy. Since Kaya once upon a time did not like candy, plastic eggs filled with cheddar bunnies and raisins were hidden. Healthier certainly, though not near as pretty!

2. Forget candy, the best thing the Easter Bunny brought was this umbrella. I love that it’s not a Disney themed one (usually the only kids umbrella’s I can find) and she loves that it’s just like Bobs & Lolo’s. And who doesn’t love the colours!

1. Are you kidding me? Shy rainbow shoes, the most special butterfly dress and the umbrella all together. LOVE.


2 thoughts on “Colour Me Easter

  1. I’ll swap you some of those jellybeans for chocolate!
    Big fan of the sidewalk chalk – we must get a play date happening on a sunny day just so WE can play with the chalk!
    Love the umbrellas!

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