Catch Up

I haven’t written in awhile. Still not feeling the writing love. And sadly, my camera is broken so I don’t have the photography love either.

Still have pictures from before the break so let me share now.

We go to the fair. Kaya was sooooo excited to go to the fair so we went and she went on a few rides and we ate mini donuts and when we were done (the whole 45 minutes we were there), a declaration “The PNE is way funner and better and I can’t wait to go there!”

This was on the carousel. No idea how it happened, but I ended up on it with her. I do not do well on rides. No, not even carousels. Around and around and around… Ugh. I snapped a couple of photos while trying not to be sick (seriously people, I can not even handle a swing!) and was nauseous for the rest of our time there. No more pics.

We have cruised the new kids bike park.
And marveled at the attempts at riding logs, down rocks and up and over numerous bumps. Even Brennyn, not yet riding the trails (though it will be soon- she’s rocking the run bike already!) so persistent and determined to scale those rocks on her own.

Here she is sizing up the hurdle. She ponders it for awhile while mamma looks on from afar, curious at the outcome.

Then, after a failed attempt to walk up it, she does not even consider asking for help and tackles it her own way.What I fail to capture on camera is her proud face as she runs down the hill, before tripping, crashing hard, then getting right back up and running yet again, proud face still intact.

We go to the lake.

Where we share our knowledge.

Then we go to my moms house. Where, after making it 8 hours travelling alone with the girls, I turn into a zombie of sorts. Gammy and Gampa entertain/feed/bathe/occupy the girls while I, well, do nothing really. Well that’s not entirely fair. I did finish 2 entire magazines all in 1 sitting. If you are a mother, you will know that this is completely UNHEARD of. Oh, and I ran 14km too.

This is also about the time that I stopped reading any blogs, writing anything, keeping up with current events… I did eat. And drink. Comfort a crying child now and then.

I took a few photos too though this is around the time I realized my camera was not taking every picture that I was. A few managed to stay on the camera and get downloaded.

The golf cart was by far the coolest thing ever. Gampa drove and drove and drove and when that got tiring, Kaya drove and then Brennyn. And when that got tiring, well, a train was made.

And then we went into town and did some shopping. Gammy bought Kaya this most special dress and she’s pretty much wanted to wear it every single day since!

There was a paragraph here updating further, edits done and then bringing everything together beautifully but then I got an error. And back to here. And I’m annoyed. So goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Love the quick goodbye! Sometimes it feels more like a chore, eh?
    I need to get to that bike park! Looks great!
    AND oh, how awesome that you made the 8 hour trek for a complete mommy break! Well done! 2 magazine – unheard of. I now officially am 7 issues behind in my Today’s Parent collection. Do you think your mom would mind if I brought my girls over for a few days?

    And your camera broken. Super bummer!
    Great photos here though. Love the suitcase that Kaya is being pulled in. Hilarious!
    What a gorgeous dress for Kaya! I can imagine the obsession. Kamille is getting a new dress from my mom next week and she is SOOOO excited for it!

    Hope you found that reset button! ; )
    [ ] <—– here is another one to try! If not, find a bottle of wine!

  2. Thanks Kristin! Totally going to buy some wine today cuz I think that damned reset button is jammed 😉

    Don’t think my mom would mind at all as long as you don’t mind your children being dragged in a suitcase… lol. Thank goodness for the male species cuz mommies would never initiate such silly (semi-dangerous) fun!

    We’re on opposite daycare schedules but should try to manage a play date one of these days! Kaya was asking about Kamille just yesterday 🙂

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