Smiley Face :)

Kaya conversations and Brennyn goofiness have made for a week of smiles. Though Kaya has had no interest in having her photo taken,

Brennyn’s game.So today, a mix of funnies and photos, just a sprinkle of how our week has unfolded.


Out of nowhere, Kaya runs up and informs me “Mom, I’m gonna call Brennyn Bumberry cuz it’s easy to remember okay?”

Without waiting for an answer, she runs away screaming, chasing after her little sister.

“Hey, Wait up Bumberry!!”

After a few laps of our upstairs and many, many giggles, she runs back to me,

“And I’m going to name you Lumbar.”


So anyways, here’s Bumberry saying “Cheeeeee!”

If you’ve been reading the past month, you’ll know we’ve been going through quite a stretch of incessant NO’s. I am happy to report that this week has been a bit of a breakthrough. She has very sweetly been saying “No Ang Uuu!” and even saying “Peeese!” and “Ang Uuuu” when asking and receiving things. Sweet, sweet progress. Still, she is learning. NO’s occur when she is tired and she’s still learning the ropes. The other day I was  preparing her snack while she clung to my leg whining. “What do you say?” I asked.

Instead of please, she sings “Cheeee” while sticking her face out, giving me the best toothy Chiclet grin she can muster.


Kaya is trying to grasp this concept of beautiful right now. That is a whole other post which I am sure I will get to. But this just made me smile.

“Some people are silly and some people are beautiful right mom?”

“Well, all people have some silly and some beautiful in them.”

She ponders for just a moment before responding,

“Yah, like mustaches!”

I resisted the urge to tell her ‘Well no, those are just silly.”


Brennyn is still putting a boot on for hanging around the house. And lately, these earmuffs. She just makes me laugh!


Kaya wants to take her all pink Barbie type doll to daycare to show some of the girls. I tell her she can but that other kids may want to play with her so she would have to share her.

“And if I want her back I can just say PLEASE give her back to me. And then I’ll put her in my bag.”

“Yes, you’ll have to be louder than you usually are though.”


A few minutes go by.

“But if they say No Thank You then I’ll just let them play with her a little longer.”

Whereby I grab her shy little quiet self and smother her in kisses telling her she’s the sweetest most compassionate girl in the world and I just want to eat her all up she’s so delicious!

“We can’t eat skin!” she squeals. I just keep smooching.

“But if you eat me all up, you won’t have another kid anymore!”

True that.

“And if I go in your belly I’ll be with all the poo.”

Umm, yes I suppose you would.

“Daddy told me that!” all proud. Which leads me to ponder that conversation between her and Daddy. Or perhaps I will just not go there.


Here, a picture for context. This is the girls at the river playing around a big, brown cross between a puddle and pond.

Here, the result of playing near a big, brown cross between a puddle and pond.Yes, sure, a better mother would not be taking photos. A better mother have had a spare change of clothes. A better mother would have beelined it home to change. But they have me and she’s a trooper and our friend had a blanket to drape around her while she shivered her way through some snacks.


Thanks for the smiles kids. Smooches.


2 thoughts on “Smiley Face :)

  1. Thanks Kristin! I was just reading your comment and Brennyn came up behind me. When she saw that last picture of herself, she got thoroughly offended. Same pouty lip and a very intentional NO! Hilarious…

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