Space Week

Before the sun arrived, there was rain, rain and more rain. Which means a lot of time indoors. Which means I need a plan to stave off the boredom and all of us going stir-crazy.

Kaya being all science-crazy of late, and us on a definite space kick, the family bands together for a week of Science & Space. In some alternate universe, we are all incredibly hip and trendy, but well, in this time-space continuum, we’re more this:Space Nerds. Sweet.

Anyways, we begin the week partaking in more food colouring magic potions that is our Space Ice Cream. Only Brennyn is awake this time and thinks our ‘ice cream’ looks really tasty and keeps trying to eat it. So we clean up much faster than last time.

And proceed instead to Alien Goo! No shocker when Kaya chooses Pink as her Goo colour of choice.

Then we imagine flying into space and make our own Glow-in-the-Dark Space Scene. It was fun to stick it all on. Not following real orbits, we apply stars and planets willy nilly. Then we decide willy nilly is an awesomely silly word.

The best part of this is later when Daddy is putting Brennyn to bed and shows the girls how it glows. Kaya is so gleeful, she wants to go to bed an hour earlier than her bedtime too!

Another day, Daddy and Kaya craft a rocket ship. And still another, we three girls make aliens.

Then, oh glorious heavens above, the rain stops. And we can go outside to launch a rocket ship into space!

The anticipation was thrilling…

But blast-off somewhat anti-climactic with its 3 foot launch. Ah well, we are going to aim for the stars tomorrow!

Finally, space week culminated in a lunar event we hadn’t even know was happening when we started Space Week. The universe must have appreciated all our efforts throughout the week, because the clouds cleared for the first time in weeks (and seemingly months) and we were actually able to witness it. Occurring every 18 years, this perigee (whatever that means) full moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. Sure enough, as it rose above the mountains, the moon looked impressive. Being 9pm, Kaya is already fast asleep, but since she’s been so excited about space, I decide to wake her. Not so much because the moon is that crazy impressive, but so she will feel so very special at being woken up to share in a cosmic event with Mommy and Daddy.

She is none-too-impressed.

At first.

But as I carry her in my arms and take her outside where she gazes at the moon, and even more so at the full sky of twinkling stars and glowing white mountain tops, she smiles and she hugs me.

Gampa had even left us a big telescope to explore with. Unfortunately, springing this giant contraption on her having been rudely woken up and taken out in the cold and dark did not inspire her to look through the viewfinder. But that’s okay, peering into the night sky with her naked eye and arms wrapped tightly around her mamma was all that was necessary.

As I carry her back up to bed, I thank her for sharing the special moon with me. She thanks me back smiling her gigantic smile that was bigger than big, brighter than bright and more magical even than the perigee moon.

A perfect end to Space Week.


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