Just waiting for this storm to pass me by

That’s the sound of sunshine coming down.

-Michael Franti & Spearhead

This winter has been long. Bleak. Gray.

With too few days of sunshine inbetween.

After 2 weeks of the continued onslaught of rain, yesterday welcomed a few rays. Just a few, but enough to ignite an air of giddyness and joy around our little westcoast town. Smiles came easy, outings were jumped upon.

Don’t tell us it wasn’t a beautiful day. Don’t point out the still gray sky and still wet pavement. Ignoring the looming puddles and soppy yards, we have eyes only for the bright atmosphere and dry(ish) playground.

More the sound of sunshine then sunshine itself but hell, we’ll take it. We have to.

4 days until Spring. Bring it on.

In the meantime, making our own sunshine*:

With music,

teen fiction,

and finger puppet play.

Oh, and goo, pink of course.
We have enjoyed bugging playing with our doggy.

And me, I am soaking up this time to observe up close and first hand, my baby getting big. Such a little, every day moment, that captivated my mamma heart. Sick, tired, fed up, still in her pj’s at 3pm, she marches herself to the bathroom, finds the nail clippers, brings them back, looks at me just daring me to take them away, climbs up into mommy’s chair, and begins cutting her nails. As if she does it every day. Nevermind that she didn’t cut a thing. Nevermind that she screams bloody murder when it is me walking in with the nail clippers, here she sits, growing, independent, sure.

Small rays of sunshine this week, but my rays of sunshine. Warming me up from the inside.


*Vitamin D not included.


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