Unplug Me

For 24 hours, I unplugged. Mostly. I cheated a little. But not as much as one of our dinner guests who repeatedly dove into his pocket checking his texts, scores and facebook. Because you know, the world might END while we are eating Moroccan chicken and playing ‘Who Am I?’ After I gave him a hard time, I think he stopped checking. Or he just became more sly in his checking.

Unplugging is not as easy as it would seem.

My first cheat was at 4:05pm, 5 minutes into the 24 hours. But I claim it is not a real cheat. Since we don’t have a stereo, I turned on the TV to turn on some music. So kinda cheating but not.

Later, my phone beeps signalling a text. It takes every ounce of will I have (and another glass of wine) to ignore it and not go running to check it. It’s ridiculous that I am so driven to go check it since I do not remember ever once in my life being illuminated at a received text. None filled with brilliance or wit. Occasionally maybe one is semi-funny in a potty humour sort of way. So really, no need to go running. And yet, that is my first instinct. Must. Check. Phone. NOW. Robotically. Ridiculously.

Thanks to unplug day, I manage to ignore the text from my mother that has arrived 4 hours late telling me she has left her house.

Often when we have guests over, we start up the Wii and play. Super fun but on this night, we are unplugged. Board games it is! With 4 kids under 6, 2 mammas with wine, a daddy with iPhone withdrawals and another with hockey update withdrawals, attention spans are not evident anywhere. So we play partial games of many games. Then we have sprinkles and ice cream. And then our guests depart. 9pm. Company gone. Kids in bed. Bal has no clue what to do. Myself, I am more than content to read. When Bal tells me I’m not allowed to use my eReader, I ignore him and turn on my book. I suppose I could have opened up a real book, but I was in the midst of the Hunger Game series and more than obsessed and had to read it. Cheat #2 then? I vote no.

Bal takes this opportunity with no people or TV, to sing. At the top of his lungs. Badly.

We are both in bed, lights out by 10pm. Unheard of. Well, for Bal at least.

The next morning, the first thing I want to do is grab my phone and check my email, facebook updates and weather. Later while drinking coffee, I want to read the news. I do not do any of it and in truth, it’s not that difficult to forego. It’s more habit than anything I realize.

Then Bal and I are off for 2 days, 1 night to Whistler to celebrate 16 years together. Before leaving, I want to check the weather, the road report and the cost of snowshoeing. But I don’t.

When we arrive at the snowshoeing, I want to turn on my GPS and track where we snowshoe. Nevermind we have a map that already shows us where we can go and how far it is. I resist.

2 hours later, amidst the snow-covered trees and fresh powdered trails, we do not need, want or require any plugging in of any sort.

That is until we go to our hotel to check in and realize we need our reservation #. Which is on email. Bal cheats this time.

Fortunately, no technology is required or wanted to go to the outdoor hot tub while gigantic snowflakes fall down. No plugging in to enter the eucalyptus steam sauna either. Eventually 4pm arrives and Unplug Day is done. I do a quick check of my email and facebook.

I have missed nothing.

So the phone is put away again while we enjoy our Gold lounge filled with appies, dinner out and time away without anybody demanding anything from us.

Unplugging made easy.


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