Bal and I met in our 2nd year of college. A friend yelled up to my second floor dorm window to introduce us. Sparks did not fly initially. No, it took a few shooters and Sir Mix-a-Lot blasting at our college bar-of-choice for that. We hooked up. He disappeared for a month. When I saw him again he was on crutches. We hooked up again. And again. And again.Until eventually we were given the ‘couple’ status.

For 2.5 years we were inseparable. Until I graduated and he did not and I wanted to see the world and he had to finish school. Off I flew to Korea to teach English. We broke up. Kind of. I thought so. He refused to think so. I met another guy and extended my one year stay. Bal was devastated. Then met a girl. I was surprised to find myself jealous. The guy and I did not work and I returned home. To attend our friends wedding. With lots of friends wanting us back together. He looked hot. We hooked up.

Only he was living far away this time. Northern BC may as well be another country.

We made plans. Separately.

Bal travelled with a buddy to SouthEast Asia.

I travelled with my brother to South America.

Before leaving we were together, and not. We were connected, but not. It’s all very confusing even to us.

For 5 months we travelled on opposite ends of the earth. At that time there was no cell phones, skype, facebook or blogs. We emailed when we could. Even email access was limited back then. We set up one time to make one phone call. Oh how that was a fun talk. Travelling on opposite sides of the world brought us even closer together. Connected us further.

I don’t remember how. Maybe by email or that phone call or a visit before we left, we decided that we would be together when we returned from our trip. And see what happened.

What happened is 11 more years, more travels but together, a dog, a house, and two kids.

We have been madly, passionately in love. And we have been bored.

We have read each others thoughts. And had fiery battles demanding change.

We have been connected. And disconnected.

We have laughed. A lot. And cried. Some.

We have created two amazing creatures. That has no opposite.

16 years filled with ups and downs. Highs and lows. And love. Always love.

I don’t think there is a secret.

Love, laughter for sure, shared values,

common interests, respect, patience and fun are good too.

Then sometimes all that is needed is a weekend together. Away. From children. Away. Together. To partake in those shared interests and values. For us, outdoors, laughing, enjoying, relaxing.

Where you take a moment to ponder. 16 years. Together. Both Wow and Of Course. Because that is love.


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