Little Misses

Having just read Kaya Little Miss Naughty & the Good Fairy, I can’t help but transcribe Little Miss adjectives on my own family. Let me present to you our family this week:

  • Mr. Messy
  • Little Ms. Bitchy
  • Little Miss Whiny
  • Little Miss NONONO
  • Little Miss Grumbles (our dog)

Ah what an inspired bunch we are. Now I am left to wonder, did my bitchiness arise from the others attitudes this week or have they been feeding off my negative energy. Total chicken/egg question. Who knows. Who cares really. All I do know is, it has been a hell of a week. Last weekend was fabulous with a delish lunch and mingle with friends on Saturday, then loads of snow to sled and play in on Sunday. Then came a blah Monday, a battling Tuesday, a fed-up Wednesday and today, I’d just say I am resigned. Resigned to my blahdom.

But only for today.

For tomorrow comes a big ray of sunshine in the form of friends, family and a getaway, if not the actual sun itself.

Ah tomorrow…

Tomorrow we are participating in the National Day of Unplugging. From sundown to sundown the next day, we will step away from technology. No iPhone, computer, TV, Wii or blog. We will slow down, connect with our family and be more present. Sounds divine doesn’t it? As part of the day, they suggest following the Sabbath Manifesto. Basically 10 principles helping us to slow down.

1. Avoid Technology
2. Connect With Loved Ones
3. Nurture Your Health
4. Get Outside
5. Avoid Commerce
6. Light Candles
7. Drink Wine
8. Eat Bread
9. Find Silence
10. Give Back

Not sure why eat bread but the rest of them sound fantastic to me! So, we’re inviting friends over for dinner. There will be food, candles and definitely wine. There will be board games attempted, kids running amok and chit-chat in-between. We will also be giving back.

We learned this week of a family in town who has a 3-month-old with cancer. They have a 3.5 year old daughter as well and while reading about the family it just hit me, they could be me or you or any of us. Instead of complaining about Mr. Messy, Miss Whiny and Miss NONONO, I could be dealing with my own child having cancer. Very suddenly, my moping seems pathetic. At once, I am grateful for my Mr and Misses and for all of our health. And since this is so, we want to help this family in our community, so they know they are a part of a community. They are not alone.

We will not be able to make the fundraiser for them this weekend, but we will contribute a bit of money. The kids will make cards for them at the dinner. Then we will teach our kids about helping out by donating some from their own piggy banks too. And when Kaya asks “Why?” I will tell her, “Because we are part of a community. Communities are big families that help each other.” That’s what I hope the family gets from us. The comfort in knowing that our community is surrounding them with support and positivity, even if we don’t know each other by name.

Family time, friends time, giving time and oh yes, did I mention getaway time!

Just a night but a glorious night with no demands of motherhood! My mom is coming up to watch the girls while Bal and I escape to Whistler for a night to celebrate 16 years together. Wowza!

The weekend looks bright indeed. Goodbye blah’s, hello gratitude and getaways! (Did I mention I’m getting away? For a whole night? With no kids? Woohoo! The last time must have been when I was pregnant with Brennyn and we went to Tofino. That is too bloody long ago!)


One thought on “Little Misses

  1. Well talk about inspiring! The unplug thing – gotta do it! I think I might have to restrict my self to ONLY school purposes to be on my laptop, however, even that commitment alone will speed up my progress. Did I mention that I am supposed to be doing school work right now? Case and point.
    And might I just say that this community ROCKS! Since December, I have noticed the step up from so many families to give our local family whatever they need to get them through! AMAZING community we have! So amazing!
    Have a FANTASTIC night away! Wow! 16 years! Well done!

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