Why 4-Year-Olds Are Delicious

Earlier this week, Kaya and I went on another very special Mommy/Daughter date. I wore a skirt, so special indeed.

This was one of those set-ups where it just couldn’t be bad.

We were headed to one of our favourite places- the Aquarium

To see one of our favourite music groups- Bobs & Lolo

and watch one of our favourite cartoons in a 4D theatre- Dora and Diego in the Jungle

We’d never been to the aquarium at night before, so that alone was fascinating with the almost glow of sea life. When we first arrived, we were told the 4D theatre was broken so that was a bit of a disappointment, but we would not be dissuaded of fun! We headed to the craft table and made ourselves a jellyfish while watching Dolphins swim by. Fascinated by the dolphins, Kaya ran over to the window while I folded up our craft and when I looked back at her, a dolphin had swum right up to the mirror and was giving her little nose kisses through the glass! Head to head, the dolphin tapped while Kaya giggled. I walked up and he stuck around, moving up and down and up again, bobbing its head, and enjoying our grins n’ giggles.

As dolphin swam off, the PA came on saying the theatre was working and we excitedly bounded upstairs to watch. 4D can be a bit intimidating to a 4-year-old what with the rumbling chair and being squirted in the face. But swinging on vines with Dora and Diego and reaching for butterflies and flying amongst bubbles, makes it more fun than scary. Just an awesome show I have to say. And sneaking peeks at my girl giggling, moving from side to side, trying to catch the vine and remarking “Mom, can we get this kind of Dora movie at home?!” made it all the better. She was awed.

4D glasses

Then we danced. Bobs & Lolo put on 2 half-hour shows and we went to both. My girl jumped and clapped and sang with gusto. When was the last time you did anything with gusto? It was brilliant.

By this time it is 8:30pm and time to head home. Since it’s already half an hour past her bed time, I figured she’d just fall right asleep for the hour drive home. But she is psyched. She skips outside. She shrieks at the stars. She gapes at the sneaky raccoons. She talks and talks and talks my ear off for half the drive home before collapsing in exhaustion.

That talking is why 4-year-olds are delicious. Oh the things coming out of her mouth these days and especially on that drive!

Scrumpdidillyicious even.


Staring up at the stars as we leave, she gasps “The world is soooo beautiful. Why are there so many beautiful things in the world mom?”


“I saw a boy in there wearing a pink shirt. That’s funny!”

“Actually, lots of boys wear pink.”

“Not the boys at daycare. They don’t like pink.”

“Well did you know tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day which means…”

“I know that already Mom! It’s not nice to bully! But lots of boys are not nice. And Brennyn is not nice…”

Whereby I explain the difference between rough-housing and bullying.

“Some boys are nice. There is one boy I want to play with but he doesn’t play with me. Well, sometimes he does. He is so funny and cute. Heeheeheeheeheehee…”


“Yes. Who else is cute do you think Mom?”

I name her and her sister and some of her girl friends.

“No, I mean boys…”

Lord have mercy girl, you are 4! I am so in trouble.


Driving now, a song comes on the radio. Kreesha Turner’s Don’t Call Me Baby

And don’t call me baby
Don’t call me baby

“Mom, Why doesn’t that girl want to be called baby. That’s silly. You call me baby and I love when you do that! She should want to be called baby because it’s nice to do that!”


“Mom, did you see that rainbow in Dora and Diego?”


“What makes a rainbow? And mom, I already know that it has sun and rain. How does sun and rain make a rainbow? Like magic?”

I suspect I’ve been answering too many questions with ‘like magic’ these days. My girl wants the scientific answers already!


On another day, “Mom, does Santa know EVERYTHING I say and do or just knows some things?”

“Well, he just checks in now and then to make sure you’re still being good so he can keep you on the nice list.”

“How does he know everything?”

“It’s like magic…”

“But like magic how?”



On Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying day), Kaya, Brennyn and I all wear pink and talk about bullies. We are headed out to her swim lessons when Kaya asks

“Mom, where are we going today to stop the bullies?”

Sweet love is ready to take on the bullies of the world! She is definitely not a stand up to the bullies kind of girl so I daresay her approach is going to be smothering them with love, compassion and empathy. The best way then.


“Mom, who made the whole wide world?”

Seriously girl?

“Ummm, well, there are differing ideas about this. Nobody knows for sure.”

“So who?”

“Some say God did. That’s like a supreme force that knows and creates everything. He’s mysterious and kind of like magic…”

“Just like Cinderella! Cuz Cinderella lost her wand and then found it again and could do magic stuff with it!”

Though infatuated with Cinderella, she does not know the actual Cinderella story. This is her story apparently.

“And some other people think that people used to be like monkey’s and we came from them.”


And for the first time in my life, evolution seems more absurd than creationism. So I try to explain further. Still, anything involving Big Bang, monkey’s and neanderthals are way crazier than the idea of a supreme being in her eyes. So I change the topic and give her snacks while I google ‘evolution’ and ‘rainbow’.

But I’ll get to more of that in another post.


Kaya is now hearing the words of the songs in the car, not just the beat. So while I’m wailing away to The Tragically Hip’s 38 Years Old

Same pattern on the table, same clock on the wall
Been one seat empty 18 years in all
Freezing slow time away from the world
He’s 38 years old, never kissed a girl
He’s 38 years old, never kissed a girl

Kaya remarks from the backseat “Never kissed a girl? Whaaaattt?!!! That’s CRAZY!”


Delicious I tell you. Delicious!


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