Ski Day

Nothing like standing at the top of a mountain to make you feel on top of the world.

Blissful ski day this past weekend. Sunny skies, warm temps, awesome snow and all with my family who hasn’t skied together in 9 years!

There would have been a time where I would have felt bad for holding up my family. Or felt self-conscious about my less than superb gear. Or cared how I looked straddling those moguls. But no more. Those thoughts didn’t even occur to me while on the mountain. Instead, I was just entirely appreciative to be up there. Grateful to be with my family on the most spectacular of days, soaking in the immense grandeur of our local mountains.

Today, two days later, Brennyn is teething, Riley has puked twice on the carpet, there is laundry to be done (so much laundry to be done), and my back is killing me. So I close my eyes and picture myself back on the peak. Where the sun beat down, the views went on forever and the air hummed with the chatter of giddy adventurers. Where soaring down the mountainside sets your mind free and all that exists is the present.

Finding it hard to have a free mind cleaning up dog vomit.

So today I cheat, ignore my present situation of grumpy kids, chores and sick dogs, and travel back to that fabulous day.

Standing on top of the world.


One thought on “Ski Day

  1. On top of the world on a gorgeous day! So so so far away from the every day! Yay you! However, there’s nothing like teething, puke and laundry to knock you out of that high place, eh?!

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