Brennyn is a character. It’s hard to explain exactly or photograph. She’s just goofy, in a particular sort of way.

Especially when it comes to accessorizing.

B chooses her toque when we go out. Everyday I grab the one on top, put it on her head and as I turn around to put on my boots, she has thrown it off and is digging in the basket for the one she wants. She likes them all. Will wear them all. Only when she wants.

Even at home, nobody going anywhere, she feels the need to add to her attire. We’ll be hanging out as a family when she just disappears. Inevitably, she is down the hall in search of a boot or toque or mitten. Sometimes all of them. Though never two boots. One is all she wants, then proceeds to clump around in it for as long as I will allow.



Brenny is also wearing, at all times, a necklace. Or anything that she can drape over her neck resembling a necklace. This necklace invariably becomes looped around both her neck and her leg. Unhooking my baby hunchback is as common as wiping boogers. Annoying, but also necessary.

Then there are the glasses. She is fascinated with glasses. Sun glasses, reading glasses, play glasses, even binoculors. Since she first acquired the motor skills to apply glasses to face, she has put them on her head. 90% of the time, upside down. Still to this day, understanding that they are upside down. Especially since they are upside down! And most recently, she wears them up on her head. Like mommy does. So adorable.

Yes, my girl is a character. She makes me laugh out loud every single day. Many of those days, that is exactly her purpose. She’ll leave the room, then come back with some sort of crazy addition to her outfit but acting all serious as though nothing unusual is going on. When one of us, any of us- preferably all of us- laugh outright, she breaks into this huge, scrunchy nose, squinty eyed grin of delight. She had set out to get that laugh. Mission accomplished, she carries upon with her day, hat on head, necklace around her neck (and leg), and one boot on.


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