Nerd Out

Last weekend, Kaya went to a Mad Scientist birthday party. They dressed in lab coats, Bow-Ties, and glasses. Oh the glasses!

This picture is funny. But I wish I had the picture of Bal dressed up as a Geek in a Murder Mystery game we played in college! As if they don't look enough alike as it is!

The bow-tie worn happily later on the head!

Then set about doing some science. With beakers in hand, they poured and mixed and gooped, and created some pretty funky snow. Next it was time for Goo. Oh, you can never go wrong with kids and goo! They had a wonderful time and afterwards, Kaya wanted to know when she could do science again.

So today I set out to do one or two mini science projects with her which turned into four or five since enthusiasm was bursting! Kind of like our projects…

We started off with red cabbage. Cut a bunch up, put it in a bowl, pour boiling water in and guess what colour the water will turn. I read it turns blue but ours was more a purple colour. Take out the cabbage and then the fun part! Take some lemon juice and ask the kids what colour the blue will turn if you add lemon. Kaya guessed yellow and by god, her face when she dumped it in and saw the PINK that arrived. Bright, gorgeous pink, pink, PINK!!

That immediately brought the question “What more science can we do Mom?!” Whereby I give the girls some pails with a bunch of cornstarch and measuring spoons to slowly add water. Goop again and again a hit! While they play with that, I find some more things to do and after settling Brennyn in for a nap, we get to it.

We get paper towel and put different coloured felt dots about an inch from the bottom (plus a dot at the top to see the original colour). Then we dip the end in water and watch the water be absorbed. The real fun comes when the water goes through the felt and starts seperating the colours. Suddenly the blue felt is a bunch of streaks of yellow, green, and orange. Kaya thought it was cool but I was more enthralled for sure. Still, a good one to have on the side while you do the other experiments.

Next up, cleaning pennies. Vinegar, Baking soda, some spoons and pennies makes for a fizzy good time! Kaya did this for quite some time, just loving the fizz and bubbles over and over.

I think about stopping there, but Kaya asks for more. And oh boy, that is when the real fun begins!

So, get a large container to contain the mess.

Put in a glass jar or cup.

Fill it half way with vinegar.

Add in some dish soap.

Does your kid have a favourite colour? Put a few drops of that colour food colouring in the cup.


Get your camera ready!

Give your kid the spoon of baking soda to pour in.

And Voila:

The best part of this picture is how authentic it is. She was so, so excited! I didn’t give her any idea of what was about to happen and she was just giddy.

After a lengthy play stirring and scooping the ‘ice cream’ as she called it, we decided to call Daddy in from his office to watch it again.

This time we set up 3 colours.

And squealed with glee as the bubbles rose.

And spilled over.

Kaya played and mixed and scooped and combined colours until the bright sun and freshly fallen snow beckoned us outside. She wouldn’t let me pour it out before we left though. Only later, after a big snow play and lunch, did she finally relent and allow me to clean it all up. But again, only if I promised to do it again really, really soon. Not a problem my dear. Not a problem at all.

Who knew science could be so cool?!


(Thanks to Mini Eco via Squamish Moms for the cabbage and fizzy colour magic potion ideas. Brilliant!)


2 thoughts on “Nerd Out

  1. What fun! Science is so cool! I love Kaya’s mad scientist glasses but I love her excited smile much more. What a great day you had!

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