Love Day

Valentine’s Day does absolutely nothing for me. It never has, it never will. To me, it all feels too contrived to be a day of real love.

However, when you have children in the house, especially a preschool child in love with all things pink, heart-shaped and love on every day, it is impossible to pass by this day devoted to those very things. So I gave it a go, and I’ll admit it, we had fun.

Kaya cut out the hearts all on her own to make this butterfly! And painting egg cartons, well that's always fun!

For sure nice to have a devoted idea for what has become our Friday craft day.

Coffee Filter Painted Flowers

Heart Lantern and Kaya made us a Sun to hang above our kitchen table since who knows if we'll ever see it again in this neck of the woods...

When actual Valentine’s day rolls around, I am sorely unprepared. I don’t have roses or candy or chocolate or big heart anythings. I did have presents from Christmas that I had exchanged so got them an addition to their train tracks and Bal picked up VReader stories from the US when he was there since they are way cheaper. Still, I hadn’t wrapped them or anything. While the girls ate breakfast, I snuck into the garage and found big PINK bags with PINK tissue and presented them with their Vday gifts. I should have just given them the damn pink tissue since that seemed to be the biggest hit!

I create a Love Party for them with dollies all lined up holding pink and purple cut-out hearts. I run the girls in to see this ‘surprise’ and they squeal and jump up and down and I am reminded again that it really is the simple things that matter. We play Post Office as I have snuck in some more paper hearts and a couple of red suckers I found into our play mailbox. Are you kidding me? Red suckers at 11am is the COOLEST thing EVER apparently.

Soon after lunch, I run out of heart steam.

Fortunately, Gammy has sent a package filled with LOVE.

They preoccupy themselves with heart slinkies and love-ly glasses and decorating hard hats with hearts while I make dinner.

Don’t worry, I didn’t slave over a hot stove all day. An easy roast with wine in hand while Kaya added the final touches to our centerpiece candle setting.Then, I have to admit, the girls are driving me bonkers while I finish dinner preps. Bal takes them upstairs, I enjoy my wine in silence and when I call them down for dinner, they came armed with 4 sets of heart glasses.

If you saw our Christmas card, you will know this is not contrived at all. This is just what our kooky little family does.


Brennyn was being very cooperative today with me taking pics. Kaya, not so much.


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