Rainy Run

All morning I stared outside watching the rain downpour. I was waiting for a slight break to head out for my run when I realized that would not be happening today. It’s just a downpouring day. All day.

So I set off anyways.

1KM thoughts- Watching the rain anticipating the miserable run is so much worse than actually being out here running! It’s really not that bad out here!

1.5km- Well maybe it is. Where’d the path go? Oh shit, *SPLOOSH!* Now one foot thinks it’s stomping grapes. Goosh, goosh, goosh, goosh. Yuk. I need wine.

2km- Oh god, I am soaked. And somehow hot and cold. And my knees hurt.

3km- Why is nobody else out here? Because they are sane! Owww, my knees really hurt. I’m soaking wet. There’s a cramp. I think I’ll take a walk break.

3.1km- Walking is worse. Everything feels wetter, harder, colder, and more painful. Damn, my knees hurt.

3.5km- Where are the eagles today? Swans, herons, ducks, people? My knee is going to collapse. I’m wetter here than I am at the pool. This sucks.

4km- iPhone lady tells me so. I’m pretty sure she also divulges “Kari, you are insane. Go home. Go home now.” in her robotic, never breaks a sweat voice. Instead of willing personality into her like I normally do, today she is my guide and I listen willingly. No matter that I listen to a hallucination. Regardless, I go home. Now.

4.45km- I am home. I put PJ’s on. I turn on Mumford & Sons, make some tea and break open my journal. I will not leave the house again today.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Run

  1. Good or insane. There’s a fine line. I saw Shannon ran for 2.5 hours out there so I’m putting her on the insane side 😉

    Mumford & Sons is my fave band of the moment. Love em!

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