That is not ‘non’ or ‘nono’. That is ‘no’ and that is all I am hearing out of Brennyn’s mouth the last few days.

For a couple of months now whenever any of us ask B a question, she has been what we dub ‘über cute’ in her response. Arms in the air, waving, she exclaims “Me, Me!!!” It didn’t matter whether we asked “Who wants to go to the pool?” or “Who wants to take out the garbage?” this was her response. And it was adorable. She didn’t always know what we were talking about, but she always knows she wants to be in the thick of it.

Soon she started answering Yes and No questions with “Yah!” with enthusiasm and joy. “Do you want to go to the park?” was answered with a resounding “YahYah!!” Do you want some broccoli?” “Yah, Yah!”

Life was too easy I suppose. For now she knows No’s.

Now she knows if she screams loud enough, runs away fast enough, pulls on what she wants hard enough, all accompanied by “NONONONONONONO…” she will get what she wants now.

Only she doesn’t.

This was never an issue with Kaya so I feel like a new mom trying to figure this all out.

My first instinct of yelling “Brennyn NO! That’s not nice!” very obviously did not work since I’m reinforcing the use of NO. So after a day of that failing and some time to reflect, I came up with a new strategy for day 2.

This involved using my helium balloon voice and a lot of crouching down to her level to say “Brennyn, we say No Thank You when we don’t want something! No Thank You!”

To which she tells me she understands by staring straight at me and in a very level voice stating, “Nonononononononono.”

Oh dear.

But I persist. Every ‘Nonononono’ is followed up with my chipmunks impersonation “No Thank You!”

Then, at the end of the day, tired, beaten down, a mere shell of the mother I started the day as, I plead ask Brenny if she’s ready for her bottle (and thus, bed.)

“No Ang Ooo!”

Was that? Did she? were my thoughts when Kaya comes screeching over “MOM! She said No Thank You!”

We all high-five and since it feels like the most glorious of YES! answers, I ignore that she was still saying No and take her straight up to bed.

The next day brings a couple ‘NONONONO’ moments but I feel a sense of pride when I note there are more ‘No Ang Oooo’ moments than the NONONO ones. What I wasn’t prepared for was the moment she would combine them.

“NOANGOOO NOANGOOO NOANGOOO!!!” as she’s pulling madly on a toy she wants but her sister has.

Now what?

If you have any ideas, please let me know. In the meantime, Strategy #3 consists of singing “Yes Please!” with my chipmunk-sucking-on-a-helium-balloon voice.



One thought on “nonononoNonononoNONONONO

  1. Yes, breathe!
    I swear I heard Karis say NO at breakfast today and in that moment I honestly celebrated her new word, and great pronunciation with some cheering. WHAT WAS I THINKING!??!! Now after reading this I am kicking myself. Yikes. Haven’t heard it again today so maybe I am safe. Until she gets it I will check in with you to see how Strategy #3, possibly 4 and or 5 go! Teach me everything you figure out!
    Keeping breathing!

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