On the Go

On a number of occasions over the past month or two, people have remarked at how busy we are. Only, I don’t feel like we’re busy. Certainly not in the too busy realm. But it is true, we like to be on the go. We love adventures. Even if they are mini ones.

Normally one day of the weekend is a chores/errands/shopping/play scattered sort of day. Bal usually takes the girls swimming or for some other fun daddy bonding day. The other day of the weekend is full on family day. We aren’t really great with stay-at-home family days so we set out looking for fun where there are no phone/tv/video game/chore distractions.

This past weekend was Chinese New Year (Gong Hay Fat Choy!) Year of the Rabbit! My animal I learned.
We headed into Vancouver to check out the parade, which was great, but it was the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens that was the real highlight. Gorgeous architecture and rocks and gardens with a ton of activities for the kids. We had our fortunes read, played some traditional chinese games, did a musical storytime and got a bunny balloon animal.

All in the pouring rain. Which didn’t dampen our spirits in the slightest. I mean, if we avoided going out when it rained in our part of the world, we would never make it out! No, the rain actually made the colours more vibrant and the gardens more tranquil.

After watching some of the parade, hunger drove us indoors for some Vietnamese Pho. Not as good as the one I made a couple weeks back I have to say, but still hot and hearty and just what I needed after a day in the misty rain.

We meandered the city a bit and then it was time for Bal to board the skytrain headed for the airport and me to head home with the girls. Gloriously, they both conked out for the entire drive and then some.

Another successful family day done!


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