Innocent Wonder

I wasn’t going to enter the iheartfaces contest this week, but then I registered my girl for Kindergarten. Which made me awed and sad and joyful and fearful.

Which led me to my photo library. To weep– just a little.

Which is when I came to these bubble photos. Which so screamed innocent wonder.

There is wonder on my end too. Wonder at those rolls my girl once had, before she got all mobile and 4-years-old. Look at that neck! Those arms! Oh-so-delicious my Gorgy-Goo-Goo Bear! Who would rather not be called Gorgy-Goo-Goo Bear thank you very much. ‘I’m Princess Kaya.’ Arms fold. Mock stomp away. Gleam of delight in her eyes while I mock (sort-of) pout at not being able to use my term of endearment for her.

Wonder too at her growth. Three years since this photo. Four years and four months since she supernova’d into our lives. A stellar explosion of light and joy and yes, sure, chaos too.

Wonder at this thing called time. That stops as I gaze at her, then shoots far and wide in a blink.

Wonder at her wonder. From bubbles blowing to trees dancing to slugs slugging.

Then today, we are reading ‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers, wonder-filled in its own right. We come to the page that reads

‘Just then the boy noticed something floating in the water. It was the prettiest star he had ever seen. Just a baby star. It must have fallen from the sky.’

Kaya looks at me all matter-of-fact and retorts “It’s a reflection, not a star.”

For a moment I am crushed. She is losing the magic, the dreaming. Until I look at her face and see what she sees.

That reflections are as magical as a star in the sea.

So much to learn from my girls. So much wonder to see.

And be.

Kindergarten eh? Wow.


6 thoughts on “Innocent Wonder

  1. Loving this week for so many reasons!
    LOVE Kaya in this photo! Look at those gorgeous arms..and the wonder! Great pick!
    Kindergarden! OMG!
    We love Oliver Jeffers books too! Just added two more to our collection that I am saving for the perfect time to read. One that I anticipate will make me cry (The Heart and the Bottle).
    AND the judge for this week is my most favourite blogger/photographer!
    Good luck Kari!

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