Politically Correct Play

Mamma and Kaya’s conversation during an intense play of Princess Castle Camping Star-Searching. It explains why playdates are so very welcome at our household!


Kaya: “The princess is having a party at her castle. We’re going to have tea and cake! First Barbie has to go poo but there is no potty in the castle.”

Whereby she runs into the closet to pretend poo.

Mom: “Alrighty then.” Inward groan that pretend play involves poo too. And oh god, does she pretend poo with her friends?!
“Oh look, these guys want to come to the party too!” I say hoping to move things along. (The play, not the bowels!)

Kaya: “Noooo!!! It’s a princess party! Only pretty and beautiful girls can go to that.”

Mom: *Gasp* WTF do I say to that?

“Well that’s not a very nice party. I like to go to parties where everybody can come because everybody is beautiful on the inside as long as they are kind and loving. Should we have a kind and loving party?”

Kaya: “Sure! Everybody will come! Even monsters and babies and oh, here’s a cow… for Brennyn.”


K: “Mom, Barbie can’t spread her legs to ride on the horsey.” Pout, pout.

M: “Well, that’s no good. Barbie should totally be able to spread her legs.”

Well that didn’t come out right…


K: “And then the dragon flew way high, high into the sky to find a star to show the camping party looking for stars but they can’t see any.”

M: “Why doesn’t the princess go find the star?”

K: “Becase she can’t fly.”

M: “She could build a rocket ship.”

K: Roll of the eyes. “I have a dragon. The dragon flies and can go to get the star.”

M: “Fine.” Pout, pout.


Camping party on an island looking for stars. Mr Bumpy is the green guy on Barbie.


K: “Barbie is not scared of Mr. Bumpy because he is just a nice monster who steals socks and that’s not scary.”

M: “What if Barbie needs her socks?”

K: “She wears highheels, not socks.”

M: “Well what if she goes hiking?”

This is about when she tires of playing with her mom and opts for jumping on the bed with Brennyn instead. Can’t says I blame her really. I truly could not even stop myself.


One thought on “Politically Correct Play

  1. Love this! I am still laughing … I will give you an A for effort there mommy, even if Kaya wasn’t overly impressed! 🙂

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