It’s All A Matter of Perspective

If I learned nothing else this year, it has been enough learning, really getting, that living an amazing life is entirely a matter of perspective. If I think life sucks, it does. If I think life is magical, it is. End of story.

What a huge lesson. And one, I should add, that I sometimes conveniently ‘forget’. However, more days than not, most days dare I even say, I do accept it. I know it.

So it is that I just came off two grumpy, miserable days. Knowing I could snap myself out of it, but stubbornly staying there, conjuring up all the misery I could find. Why is that? Why is wallowing in self-pity somehow easier than living joy? Maybe that is my lesson to learn this year.

At any rate, after two days, it was my birthday and my girl had a musical to take me to. A Seussical Musical! Exactly what the Doctor ordered. Forget pills and therapists, prescribe yourself a Dr. Seuss musical, or lacking that, a book even. Oh the colours! The characters! The rhymes and songs and poetic tales (poetic tails too!) It was perfect. And fun. And you know I love me some good fun!

During the show, I had a lightbulb moment. But more of a strobe light inside the Cat in the Hat’s Hat which ceremoniously bursts into fireworks moment. I was sitting there, near the beginning of the show thinking how fun it was. Then the two ladies beside me started giggling and whispering with exaggerated voices. Annoyance struck.  “Do they have to be so loud and obnoxious?” I thought. “Other people would like to enjoy the show too… Gawd…” I sigh inside myself. Poor me.

Sixty seconds of this internal dialogue is enough for me to stop and really hear myself. And remember it is my choice to be annoyed. So I decide right there and then to not be annoyed. Shock of all shocks, their ‘exaggerated’ laughs no longer sound exaggerated. They sound joyful and giddy and proud. A few silly songs later, I suspect that they know somebody in the play. So at intermission I ask them. Sure enough, in a cast of adults and one 11-year-old, they are the Grandmother and sister of the 11-year-old. They beam pride and love. How could I ever be annoyed at that?!


Life got really good after that. Not because anything external changed but because I believed it to be so. No, because I knew it to be so.

Life is good.

Life is amazing.

Not so much end of story.

But the continuation of a really, freaking good one…





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