And Now The Post That Was Supposed To Be Posted

Totally had no clue I was writing that last one. It was supposed to be about moments and memories but then that memory came back to me and I knew it was a story I should share.

So let me try again.

This morning, the first day of 2011, I was reading a book when I came across the line “It’s a pure love memory.” I just loved that saying so much and realized that it was exactly what I wanted to say, though my words were not quite spitting it out.

2010 for me was also about living in the moment. Sure, looking back at moments of living in the moment may defeat the purpose of living in the moment, but there must be a place for reflection also. Because reflection bounces back the moment in an essence of appreciation and gratitude. So yes, a pure love memory!

My heart is filled with Pure Love Memories of 2010.

Some big moments.

Like watching the men’s Gold medal hockey game in Whistler cheering madly at the overtime winner for Canada. Oh my god, the exhiliration, the energy, the love!

Brennyn’s first steps. Kaya’s first dive off the diving board. Brennyn’s first words beyond grunts. Kaya’s first ballet lesson. Oh the pride. On all our faces!

Our Very Special Fairy Princess Picnic. Joy, joy, joy!

But mostly it is the small moments.

Like B’s mischievous grin of delight knowing just how very clever she is. Or K’s giant hazelnut eyes looking up at me with anticipation and pride.

Walking in the girls bedroom to two snoozers- B’s bum high in the air snuggling her cozy blue bankie, K’s sprawled out on her back, limbs flailing in all directions, purple bankie always near at hand.

So, so many girls together moments. Sisters developing a sisterhood. Beautiful.

Girlie parties! These can be anything from picnics, to Tim Hortons bagels, to pile-in-bed read-a-thons, to river walks to bouncing the car while we dance and sing to our song of the moment (right now is Pink’s Raise Your Glass!)

Daddy’s ‘oonz-oonz-oonz’ techno dance parties that immediately gets the girls movin!

Pony tail on top of head, sparkly red shoes, Thanksgiving dress up…

For me, 2010 will always be the year my girls were Stars. From Sea to Sky indeed. Brennyn, so true to her personality, immediately gunning for, lunging at, and grabbing up the first starfish she saw. In my head, I constantly imagine Brennyn declaring “To The Sea!”

Then Kaya, my lover of the universe. My gazer, observer and dreamer. She was in awe of stars this year. From late nights out camping to just last night, our 9pm New Years, sending off our friends we go outside and appreciate the crisp, clear stunning night sky where we declared, as we so often do “I love you as many stars fill the sky, like a billion hundred! That’s a lot of love!”

Seussical too had its moments. Her needing to sit on my lap to start, unsure of what was to come, then creeping back to her own seat once she knew she was safe, secure. Her looking to me with giggly eyes at the kookiness of it all. Me grabbing her hand in delight and her clutching back tightly, both of us smiling large. Then intermission, where she is content to wait in our seats, and breaks out spontaneously with the whole “Happy Birthday” song for me on my birthday. I savour every note of the best song I have ever heard.

So many moments. Mostly these small ones of looks, and cuddles and expressions that makes up our family. Then too ones of a word written or song heard or drink drunk amongst friends. Nothing captivating to the reader.

Unless seen through the lens of your own Pure Love Memories of course.




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