Crashing and Burning

Boxing week is supposed to be all smokin’ deals and leftover yummies.

Too bad mine has looked more like these deals I spotted on Boxing day in my local Walmart.

Not so smokin’ or yummy. What the hell?!

Then today, feeling sad and blue, this comes in the mail:
Lovely. Thanks for the pick-me up Funeral Chapel.

Oh it hasn’t been all bad. Kaya has been yammering on and on every time she see’s the Science World BodyWorlds commercial that she wants to see that. I was skeptical. I mean, these are real, dead bodies. But she is fascinated by the human body and what is going on inside, so we decided it would be good for her. She didn’t know they were real dead people. Just a more intricate portrayal then her body puzzle.

At any rate, it was cool, she loved it, especially, of course, the ballerina dead person. Though it was insanely busy, the place sounded like a library as people milled about checking out all the different exhibits. If you know Kaya, you will find this hard to believe, but amongst all that silence, she YELLS to her Daddy who we had lost in the crowd “DADDY, COME HERE! YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS!!!” The funniest part was, it was the crudest exhibit there. The face was all cross sectioned up and seperated to see the different layers so it had these crazy eyes sticking out, and the tongue, then the ears waaaayyy out to the side. People laughed. Some people questioned having a child that young here. Others muttered they thought it was great that we brought her.

My thinking is, if you’re kid is curious or interested, it is a fantastic learning opportunity. If not, then don’t push it. It is pretty freaky looking and could traumatize a kid for life! My kid though, loved being able to see what a real heart looked like and where the intestines were that then poops. Totally fascinating stuff!

Unfortunately, Science World was more like a Zoo so it was hard to really enjoy and get the most out of it that Bal and I would have liked. Especially since we couldn’t get in for quite some time and by then, Brennyn was DONE. With one kid crying to leave and the other fascinated but with a short attention span, and a kabillion people around, I left feeling cheated. Ah well, such is the life of mom.

So after 3 hours in Science World, we leave to Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s free for us to go in so we wanted to take advantage of that since we’d never been to Canyon Lights before. Both girls fall asleep in the 20 minute drive over. Being the stellar parents that we are, we wake them. They are none too happy for all of 30 seconds when they see the first trees lit up. Then the bridge and the tree walk and the pond and well, it was just gorgeous! Totally worth the wake up!

Most stable shot I could get on the swaying, bouncy bridge!

Exhausted, we head home, whereby I immediately feel ill upon entering our house. The next morning I wake up sick. Puking sick. Puking sick sucks anytime but when you are a mom, oh god, it sucks all the more. Because you know what, they do not really give a shit that you are sick, they just want their oatmeal thank you very much.

Man oh man, I have not felt that bad in a long time. Fortunately, the girls played beautifully together in their bedroom while I layed on the bed. When it became obvious that moving meant puking, I sent Kaya to Daddy’s office to ask if he’d make them breakfast. Phew. Later a friend took Kaya for a couple hours (Thank You!) and Bal took his lunch to feed Brennyn. When Kaya came home from her playdate, I enforced a nap, ignoring the grumbles. We all slept long and hard.

Today I am better but feeling blah. You ever have those days where you just feel negative about everything? That is me today. Even though I know life is pretty damn good, my mind keeps going to the few dark places it can find.

Tomorrow’s my birthday and Kaya is taking me to Seussical the Musical (Sshhhh, it’s a secret!) so I will so totally be snapping out of it. Thank goodness, because I much prefer the happy place!


2 thoughts on “Crashing and Burning

  1. Dude, what is up with that Funeral mail? We got that too. What a Christmas bummer. I know we’re all making plans for the new year but WTF??
    Oh and there must be some type of negative stink in the air because I’ve just had a run for the bitchy days. Yikes. I wrote a post yesterday that was worthy of “Bitch post of the year”…chose not to post it but it will be tweaked. It was foul. However there was something good about “typing it out” that made me feel better.
    Happy Birthday. Hope your day goes well.
    Press the reset button!

  2. Thanks Kristin. Reset button pushed. Hope yours worked too!! Impossible to feel blue after Seussical the Musical 🙂

    Yes, writing it out helps eh? I wrote the above, knew it was boring and blah, but was too apathetic to not post it after all that typing. lol. I did take out one especially bitchy paragraph though…

    Happy New Year!

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