The Haul

This years haul included a BBQ (woohoo!) and an eReader (double woohoo… woohoowoohoo!) But my absolute all time favorite gift this year was from my girl. My new special weekend coffee mug! It’s a make-your-own-mug. Kaya drew on it, then it was baked, and now it is mine to enjoy and savour and love. And oh how do I!

This is the start of "MOMMY" with a dragon holding a balloon!

This is the 'MY' of mommy and our now infamous Wiggly Squiggly Snowman first drawn on an Etch A Sketch, giggled at, and forever drawn after that on anything we could while singing our made up Wiggly Squiggly Snowman song (that changes upon every singing!)

Here is a girl and a heart with 'Kaya' and what looks like 'Solo' is actually 2010. I could not love this any more than I do! Perfection.


Bal’s favourite would probably have to be the BBQ but the remote control helicopter is the favourite play thing. Had our dinner not turned into such a poorly timed fiasco, he had planned on landing in the middle of the table as the presentation to begin. Can you imagine that carnage?!

Oh, I should add that the whoopee cushion that Kaya chose for Daddy at the Dollar Store (along with the How To Train Your Dragon colouring book) has been fun, fun and funny. Since it is bright purple (Kaya’s choice), actually joking somebody with it has been tough, but we’ve managed to fool a few of our more fool-hardy friends. Case in point:

Kaya’s favourite is, of course, her Barbie complete with carriage and horse. This was the gasp, teary, joy-filled scramble to unwrap gift.

Brennyn’s, by far, is her baby. “Baaabbbyyy!” she sings over and over while cuddling, kissing, drooling upon and feeding. Love.

Sometimes she even shares the bottle with her baby. Along with her real food and drink and su-su's.

Best family gift is so totally the Fraggle Rock complete DVD collection. Awesome.

Games are always a great gift and this Cat In The Hat game is well:

So fun! So funny! The perfect family game with preschoolers in the house!

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere! ~ Dr Seuss

If you know me at all, you will know that I adore books. The girls got some good ones this year but the one Kaya and I have been enjoying most of all is the Tell Me A Story Fairytale Mix-Up Cards where you have a deck of cards with pictures and tell your own story. It makes for some silly tales and creative play that always = Fun.

Fun seems to be my theme of the day. So let’s end it off with the master of fun Dr Seuss once again.

If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.

We did. We do. We agree.

Thank you family, and Santa of course, for gifting us with FUN this holiday!


One thought on “The Haul

  1. Oh, so many great gifts for you all. I nearly slammed my hand down on my table when I saw the photo of Bal and his helicopter. I meant to get one of those for Kevin. Shoot! How did I forget that! I must not forget it for his birthday in February! So funny. Such a ‘dad’ gift.
    C in the H game looks fun! Fraggle Rock – ROCKS!

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