Yesterday we visited the Vancouver Aquarium. Kaya had requested the whole family go see Scuba Santa so we did. Scuba Claus was cool but the real highlight was The Polar Express in 4D. The chair rumbles, wind blows in your face, water spurts you and fall snows down. You can even smell baking and hot chocolate on the train scene and pine trees when crawling under the Christmas tree.

It is an impressive feat of 3D movie-making with the ingenuity and timing of engineering physical effects. While I sit there and wonder about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ mechanicals of the theatre, my daughter cuts to the chase,

“Woooaaaa, it’s magic in here!!!!”

A fellow behind us whispers to his partner “Did you hear that girl? Magic! So cute!”

And it was. But it was also wise.

Sit back, watch, feel, experience and enjoy.



Tis the season.

The next few days shall bring mania, in-laws, a frenzy of cooking, mess, excitement, over-excitement, joy, overjoyed and all-around chaos. Amidst the lists and anxiety however, my girl, yet again, teaches me the way.

Sit back.





There you find Magic.

Joy, Peace, and Love too.

Very cool.

Do not call us Logistics, Expectations, Cleanliness and Order. We will call you. After Magic. Maybe even during. As long as you do NOT try to sweep Magic aside.

So that, my friends, is our Christmas plan and the only thing on my list.


Kari’s To-Do List



Done and done and continuing to do.

Wishing you all the same magic of the season.

With love,



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