Busy Busy

This month is busy. So today, just a few memorable moments sticking out in my mind:

Filling out a form and being thrilled that for 3 more weeks, I am of the 25-34 age category.


Sitting in the car, Bal driving, girls sleeping, cradling an extra hot regular latte, having a quiet moment of bliss.


Me and the girls watching Toy Story 3. Near the end it gets a bit scary and Brennyn is almost ready for bed, so I bring both girls in my lap to finish off the movie. Sitting there, holding my girls, crying that the toys are being donated. Then Kaya, who has been learning about donating and giving and helping this holiday season, pipes up “Mom! He’s donating! That is so kind!” More tears. More happiness. She’s getting it. I’m doing things right.


Similarly, it was only 3 weeks ago that I let Kaya pick anything she wanted for Gammy’s birthday. She chose a card that said “God Bless You on your Wedding Day!” and a package of wedding stickers. They were on opposite sides of the dollar store, but somehow she found them both and thought they were perfect for Gammy as long as this meant Gammy would let her use all the stickers filled with pretty flowers and big, gorgeous cakes! It was, of course, all about Kaya.

We just got back from picking out Christmas presents. After a couple of weeks about all this talk about the ‘meaning’ of Christmas, she actually chose very appropriate gifts aimed at the receiver, not the giver. Well, mostly. She decided that Daddy would for sure like to have his presents in a large, pink, princess bag. “Are you sure you think Daddy would like that? What about this Toy Story bag? He loves Toy Story!”

“No, he will like the pink bag.”

“Okay, as long as you understand that Daddy’s presents are going in this bag, not Kaya’s.”

“I know.” Grimace.

We carry on and just as I’m going up to pay, “I think Daddy will like a Toy Story bag. I think I would like a princess one when it’s my birthday and I can have my presents inside.”

“Okay. That sounds like a good idea. But I’m not buying the princess bag today. We will wait for your birthday.”

“Okay.” Slight nod. Then a mumbled “I think all the bags will be gone when it is my turn.” Brewing tears.

But she did it! And Santa is so going back to snap up that bag to put a princess inside for Christmas morning.


Playing with Brennyn upstairs when she runs up to her crib to get her su-su. “It’s not su-su time Brennyn” I warn. She goes back to some toys. I go to the laundry machine when I hear her bedroom door click shut. Listening at the door, I hear her go straight for the soother and run back to the door. When I try to open it, I find she is blockading herself, legs stretched so I can not open it any further. She looks up at me here, through the door crack, su-su happily planted. No surprise there. What was a surprise was the upside down crown with its lights flashing looking up at me too. I just about pee myself laughing.


Today I tell B “It’s not su-su time!” This time emphatically. She does her little fast run, gathers some things, heads to the bathroom and closes both doors to it. I peek inside one of them and there she is, seated on the step stool cuddled in with her su-su, blankie, and her sister’s blankie as an added act of defiance. The girl makes me laugh!


Our communities night-time parade. Nothing like a small town, community parade to make you feel, well, part of a community. Chatting with friends, neighbors, acquaintances while the girls run and giggle and play with their own friends and neighbors and school buddies. All at night as their bed times are approaching and they start reaching that maniacal, crazy, over the top silliness stage that is so, so funny (until the point when it’s not anymore!) Candy and lights and song and laughter distract the grumpies from coming too soon though and we have a fabulous evening out amongst friends.


Sugar cookie meltdown. Mine, not the girls. I used to say I hated baking. Then I started making muffins and loaves and stuff and realized that I actually don’t mind it at all. Until I had to make sugar cookies. The rolling and stickiness and sticking and transferring and destroying and reshaping and rerolling and sticking some more SUCKED. So now I know, I hate baking cookies. Next time and forever more, it will be Pillsbury, and I will have no guilt about that fact.


Getting ready for our play date/Christmas tea party with Kaya’s bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Kaya was slightly wired. Her excitement was contagious and while I got everything ready, her and Brennyn were full on head-banging to Kaya singing “Tonight’s gonna be a good, good xmas party!! Oh ya, I got a feeling…”

Then the party began and oh was it FUN! We decorated cookies and had candy cane juice drinks and decorated with xmas confetti.

Dancing girls! At first to the TV’s Traditional Christmas station. Later to Dance Clubbing for a wee bit of electronica bouncing.Before long, the girls found our Singing Evilfs and we played them, stop, play, stop, play stop as we all joined in a little Freeze Dancing Fun! Kaya thinks ‘freeze’ means make the funniest face possible while giggling and not staying still at all.

Busy moments filled with joy. Tis the season!


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