Seasonal Chats

Funny things are coming out of Kaya’s mouth right now. All these magical, of the season, hilarities. Allow me to share.

“We have to leave cookies for Santa!”

“Yes, and milk and what about anything for the reindeer?”

“Not milk. Water. No, nothing for the reindeer because then they poop on our window.”

Hilarious because last year on Christmas morning there was bird poop on the skylight that Gampa told her was reindeer poop. She has never forgotten and apparently does not want it to happen again!


“Mom, you have to clean the bathroom before Christmas so Santa can go pee.”

No subtle hinting here. Hilarious!

Then, not long later she runs over with her doll house potty that has a pink lid.

“We need a pink toilet. All parts pink. Santa will like that!”


Kaya’s daycare had a note on Facebook that all the kids made decorations for the tree that was set up at our info centre. So I ask her about it.

“No, I didn’t do that.”

“Are you sure? Maybe you didn’t see the tree but did you make decorations?”

“No, I think the teachers did that while all the kids played all day.”

Alrighty then.


Taking the Lalaloopsy doll she got for her birthday and has not once been touched, I ask Kaya, “Can we donate her to another kid who needs our help to have some toys to love?”


“Great Kaya! That’s very kind of you!” (We have a kindness box at home right now so ‘kind’ is the word.

“Yes! Can you write a kindness note for me?”

“You bet! Kaya was kind to donate her doll to another kid today…” I write.

Then Kaya takes Brennyn’s hand, and teachers her little sister so she understands,

“It’s kinda like donut B, but it’s donate.”


“Mom, I didn’t like blueberries at home. But at daycare I ated them. I liked them there. Maybe I can try them at home and I will like them again.”

“Well, blueberries are not in season.”

“Yah, or strawberries.”

“Right!” impressed that she understands ‘in season’.

“What is in season?”

“Oranges. Apples.”

“What else?”


“And yogurt! And cheese too I think.”

I think.


A commercial plays a snippet of Barbara Walters interview with Justin Bieber and it sings “Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh”

Kaya stops. Gasps. “He’s a really great singer mamma!” Swoon, swoon.

She is four. I am in trouble.


“Mommy look,” said with evident joy and pride, “I can ‘sing’ Jingle Bells with my teeth!!”

Whereby her teeth chatter. Sounding absolutely nothing like Jingle Bells.


Kaya wanted to read me her library book. It is about snowmen celebrating the winter solstice but she wanted to make up her own story which I totally encourage.

A handful of pages go by at a predictable pace. Then,

“The baby snowman turned into a flower. She was sad. She was a stinky flower and that made her sad. But then the flower turned pink! Then she was happy. Because she likes pink! All the other snowmen are named ‘Flower’ but didn’t turn into flowers. Only the baby did. She doesn’t smell now because she is pink.”

Then the story takes a plot twist.

“There is a Halloween present. Ewwwww… Scawy… The snowman are scawed to open it. But there is confetti and it is Christmas confetti so they want to open it. Then a monster comes and hits all the snowmen with snowballs! But not the kids and babies… Because that is not nice.”

She turns the page and unexpectedly asks me to ‘read’ this page but only this one page. So I do.

“The band is playing Halloween music because the monster told them to, but then all the snowmen decide they can defeat the monster by playing Christmas music! Hooray!”

Turn of the page where Kaya continues,

“But it doesn’t stop the monster. He is still scawy. But then the monster stops that and he goes away and he never comes back. Long, long, long time later he does come back but all the snowmen are having a party. The end!”


So loving the way the mind works at this age!


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