December Swing of Things

Don’t hate me but I pretty much have all my Christmas shopping done. It’s not because I am a keener or on top of things really. It’s because I adore this time of year, and I want to enjoy it with my family. Not be stressed out about finding presents, dealing with crowds, waiting in lines and over all just stressed about all that has to be done. Two years ago I got stressed and did not really take a moment to enjoy the joy of the season, so last year I tried the shopping in November and it really helped me focus on the important things.

Things like creating our ‘Activities Advent’. Every day is filled with some goody to do. From craft sales to parades to painting our toe nails red and green, it is easy to fill up the 24 days. Plus it helps to make everything fun. Like sending off Christmas cards. Once a chore, now reframed in my mind as our fun activity of the day. Works wonders I tell you!
Since Kaya does not like chocolate, I started the above advent for her last year. But then this year I spotted a Lego advent and knew Bal and I Kaya had to have this.

I mean, come on, a Lego snowman? Awesomeness! Especially when it comes with an extra carrot and arm to add character. And don’t even get me started on Day 5’s drum set that ol’ Frosty  is totally rockin out on now (try to add a picture later). He jams while the skateboarding swordster tries to jump a kitty. Funalicious Stupendousnesses! Which is Lego for ‘Cool man.’

We’ve also done a few crafts. Though messy-making may be more accurate a description.

We pulled out the Christmas stuff, where, much to my delight dismay, I find not one, but 4 singing Christmas creatures. I’ve had the sledding snowman one for years. My gramma, then Christmas lover, now Christmas elf (I am fairly confident) gave it to me long before children and it was kind of that ridiculous gift you make fun of and keep just to make fun of it until suddenly kids do come and it all makes sense. So that was cool to have as Kaya loved it and I got to be reminded of my Gramma. But then last year, a Lola and an auntie conspired an evil plot whereby to drive their daughter/sister in-law freakin mental and bought the girls 3 caroling evilfs. Evilfs, if you didn’t guess, are naughty Christmas elfs.

Here, my Evilfs table, whereby the girls know they are only allowed to play one guy a day. Known but not followed. Ever.

Driving. This. Mother. LOONY.

So, we leave the house. Here’s Kaya insisting Evilfs should be allowed in the North pole as she writes a note to Santa.

Then sending the note in the giant post office box.

Now we’re ready for the parade! We scope out a front curb seat while cheering prematurely and munching on lunch.

When that gets old, we Santify ourselves with some mask play. Harhar.

And finally, enough is enough, give me the iPhone for some Advent Angry Birds and Monster Truck rally racing playing.

That’s pretty much all the pictures I got at the parade since this was my view. Well, until the Purdy’s chocolate float came by and I tossed my girls (and all other kids in the vicinity) away so as to have optimal chocolate catching area.

Bal managed to remember to take a picture or two. This cute-as-can-be Rudolph bus, after it passes us.

And this Santa. Only because I told him to.

Yup, great first few days of December. Hopefully great enough that those of us having naughty moments, not mentioning any names, can stay on the nice list.Next up, decorating the Christmas Tree!


3 thoughts on “December Swing of Things

  1. I think the Frizma household is full of Christmas cheer, with a little help from Gramma Elf. It looks like a good time is being had by all! Even Santa looks “real” maybe not real happy but real.

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