Lessons Learning

Following up yesterday’s post, first thing Kaya says to me this morning:

“Mommy, remember I was scared to do ballet?

But I wasn’t a little bit scared there.

I wasn’t a lotta bit scared either.

I was just having fun!”

Quite the profound lesson she learned. So proud!


Yesterday morning the girls were driving me crazy. Like send me to a loony bin for some escape, CRAZY. When Brennyn, out of nowhere, reaches up and sends my hot coffee flying out of my hand, I first lunge to make sure I get the brunt of the steaming, hot liquid, and second scream “NO BRENNYN! THAT IS ENOUGH!”

This, of course, makes her cry. So she tries to climb up on me. But I am done. Done.

“No.” Not yelled, but stated with my meaning very clear. You are not welcome on me right now.

So she turns around, sees her sister and runs, arms up in the air, cry louder than before, straight into the arms of her big sister. Her face and run that she only does when she needs a mamma’s comfort. Occasionally a daddy’s, but mostly this is the ‘I need my Mom’ run. Today, it is for her sis.

And big sis reciprocates. Arms out, welcoming her in for a snuggle. Then Kaya does as she’s seen me done so many times before. Pulls Brennyn in, squeezes her close, and pats her back saying “It’s okay sweetie pie, it’s okay…”

Well, this Grinch Mamma’s heart grew and grew until it was all I could do not to run over and smother them both in kisses and cuddles. But they were having a moment. An amazing, supportive, comforting moment. It was not my moment. (Though I totally had my own watching them!)

Then Brennyn was all good and giggles ensue as they began chasing each other around the ottoman.

After mopping up the coffee, I sneak in a squeeze with my oldest, thanking her for being the best big sister ever. She smiles proud. And knowing.

Then I snuggle my baby, who allows me a mili-moment before dashing away for more play.

Knowing how hard she plays, it is a guarantee there will be a slip/bonk/fall soon for me to comfort so I let her go, anticipating that moment when I can get my snuggles again.

Which may not be my best mommy moment (welcoming pain so I get a cuddle), but so oh so many of them are not. But when those bad ones come, and my girls rally to be there for one another like this day, I can stay confident that the great mommy moments are helping out the not-so-great ones. And that is so totally cool with me.


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