Conquering Fear

Kaya had her first Kinderdance class today.

She was TERRIFIED. Capitalizing and bolding is not getting carried away. She was just that nervous.

In fact, I am pretty certain she thought she was going to be expected to perform moves equating So You Think You Can Dance. Complete with tosses in the air, jerky contemporary moves, and an audience.

No wonder she was scared!

Since parents are not allowed to watch the class, I tried to take a picture before we left home. This is all I got.Apparently she’s a nail biter when nerves hit.

Usually parents drop off the kids and leave for the 45 minute class, but me and another mamma with a first day girl stay put. Just in case they need us.

They don’t.

Listening behind closed curtain, I bite my own nails when I hear Kaya being asked to lead the class around the room. “It’s her first day!” I want to suggest, “Don’t scare her!” But I needn’t have ruined my nails.

Because she totally rocked it.

As the class ended she came running out with huge smiles and a declaration “I wasn’t even scared once Mommy!”

When we get home, boots immediately come off, and dance shoes back on. To show Daddy.

Suggesting we change into our regular clothes, she rebels.

With dance.

With that smile and those moves, she’ll win every time.


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