A Whine of Wine

Today it rains. On top of the snow. Which makes for some wet, sloppy, slushy yuckiness. Not anticipating that much YUCK, I walk Kaya to daycare today with Brennyn in the stroller. I was reminded of that time I helped push a bus out of mud in Bolivia. Not fun.

Kaya got wet. I got exercise. Brennyn got almost flipped. Twice.

It’s an indoor sort of day for sure. To pull out Christmas decorations. Do some crafts. Organize.

And by organize I mean move more of the girls stuff into space that was once mine. Sigh.

How do two itty bitty things need so much space? How has it come to be that my wine hutch, once filled gloriously with wine and glasses, liquors and martini sets, is now a junk craft corner.

Smocks, paints, stamps, play-do, felts, paper and stickers oh my. Oh look, there, on the right, yes, just barely, you can see it, A WINE GLASS. Yes!


Even the top is being taken over. Lovely frames and photos overrun with umbrellas and ballet gear.


But do not fret friends. There is still wine. Oh yes, there must be wine. It just sits unceremoniously on the countertop amidst bananas and avocados.




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