Snow Daze

Snow is falling upon the crunchy iced roads outside my office window. This makes me smile. For there is nothing quite like a good snow fall to bring out the joy and giddiness of kids and adults alike. As it blankets the landscape turning everything pure, there is this irresistable urge to get out into that newness, and make our mark. Physical evidence showcasing I was here, I made a difference!

We bundle the itty bitties who then become puffy, abominable-style itty bitties and head out the door. To make footprints. To spot Santa’s Little Helpers. To be angels. We slip and slide and soar.

Did you know all those smiles, all those giggles, wisp up into the air, swirling through the updrafts, whirling amongst the clouds which then churns and turns making a specially ordered flake that then falls and falls, until landing on the perfectly placed tongue that has been waiting just for that very unique flake of snow? Did you know?

Now you do.

Snow is magical.

For a time.

Then it is just cold.

So we head in doors and make a hot cup of tea while the PJ’d itty bitties with noses glowing red, make carpet angels, which while not quite as effective, is so much warmer. Giggling some more, we glance out the window while the snow continues to fall. As it covers our tracks, we appreciate that everything is new again.

Snow is magical.

Even from the inside looking out.


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