Zen & the Art of the Hand-Stand

I went to Tofino that January, storm-watching season, full of stress, anxiety and fear. I was coming to terms with being pregnant when my new business was only 6 months old. My business partner and I knew we wanted out, but how to tell each other, and how even to get out. The pregnancy, though welcomed (and secretly desired), made things much more complicated. And then I started bleeding. I was absolutely terrified that I was going to lose the baby because of all the stress I was under. And when that scare was over, I was filled with fear at what my stress levels were doing to baby inside.

Yes, it was a stressful time when Bal and I decided to escape to Tofino for a few days. We left Kaya with Gammy and off we went, just the two of us, to what became a reprieve. A sanctuary. A life changer.

The entire weekend is encapsulated in this photo. Light. Peace. Meditation. Oh, and a little turning things up on its head.

Because I entered Tofino filled with fear and angst. But left calm and sure. Suddenly I knew everything was going to work out. I fully believed, down to my core, that we would be able to sell the business. That I could still hold my head high at the endeavour, even though we didn’t follow it through. I knew my baby was going to be okay. That I held a miracle inside. I knew that financially we would be okay. And I knew, more than anything else, that my family was first.

And you know what? It did all work out. Not without more than a few anxious moments and craziness, but it did.

I wonder if this guy, standing on his head in deep meditation, had a bad day. While my stress-relief was photographing and Bals was skipping rocks into the rolling sea, this guy stood on his head. Impressive. And stunning. If you are going to stand on your head for up to an hour at a time, could there be a more perfect place to do so?

I thank him for letting me get this shot which, 2 years later, still brings me to a place of calm.

Catch more silhouettes at I Heart Faces this week!


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