Hairstory Lesson

Brennyn still doesn’t have a whole lot of hair. But I did manage 2 ponytails!

Not a great picture, but you get the point. I went overboard in my picture taking in October so have barely touched my camera this month. A little break before the Christmas fun! Anyways, I managed two blurry shots and this one with a coffee cup in her face. Soon after, the ponytails fell out because she has a habit of rubbing (or bonking) her head a lot.

While they were still in, well those pigtails brought on an added dose of mischieviousness. Seriously, the girl was up to NO GOOD from the moment those pigtails were in. I have no evidence to prove it, but I swear an evil girlie cackle accompanied her locks. I think we’ll stick to the one on top of the head for awhile. It balances out the mullet look anyways.

Then there is Kaya. Who has so much hair. Too much hair! We have been battling every single morning for months now. “It hurts! You’re pulling! OUCH! Not so hard Mom!” and on and on and on. Listen, I try to be gentle, but when you’ve got that much hair and you tend to get oatmeal particles (and lord knows what else) imbedded in your hair, the brush is going to get caught. So it is that every morning begins with tears on her end and internal cursing on my end.

Thank god for kiddy hairdressers! Finally we made it into the city this weekend and visited such a place. Kaya got a bob while sitting in a Thomas train with Spiderman sitting on Minnie Mouse at the mirror in front of her to make her giggle and the Backyardigans on TV, just in case she got bored. Perfect! Just like her haircut.

We both LOVE it!

This picture is taken with our iMac camera so not the greatest quality but again, you get the point.

From long...

to bob!

Mornings are smooth now, as is her hair. No more tears, no more cursing. Just play and coffee monsters.

As it should be.


2 thoughts on “Hairstory Lesson

  1. WE love her hair too! (Kamille and I) Oh, it looks so great on her! I can only imagine how a brush must just glide through it now! Well done. Better mornings for sure!

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