Quote Me Photo- Leadership

The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but now weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.” ~Jim Rohn

Follow-the-Leader is currently one of Kaya’s favourite games to play with me. She is exploring this aspect of herself, that of leader, that does not come naturally to her. Not in the stand-up-and-follow-me-because-I-know-best sort of way at any rate.

This past week, Kaya had her first Show-and-Tell at daycare and I was so damn nervous for her. She’s the child I have to coax to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to her friends, nevermind stand up in front of twenty odd kids and share. For weeks before this she has been playing ‘daycare’ at home with me and her sister or with her stuffies. Setting them all up, she reads them the book and tells why she loves it. Wrapping up, she asks if any hippos or whales or baby dolls have any questions. Then answers them; patiently, adoringly, encouragingly.

In true leadership form.

In gymnastics Kaya is a little bit out of her element. (Always a great thing for learning!) The balance beams are tricky sure, but more so the dynamics between teachers, kids, girls, and boys. There are a group of girls that bud in front of Kaya and the others. They get in her face until she just slips into the back, letting them go ahead. The parents of these girls say they are ‘strong-willed’ but I hope this is not an excuse for them to be rude. I do not say this in judgement, especially sensing Brennyn will be just that way. I say this acknowledging the challenges all of us parents have. These are 4-year-old girls, learning, exploring, experimenting. I wonder if this labeling of our kids already, really does a disservice to us all, and most of all to them. Labeling our kids as ‘strong’ does not leave room for the sensitive parts. Or funny ones. Or even compassionate ones. Then on the other hand, I need to watch myself not labelling Kaya as a ‘follower’ or too ‘shy’ to be a leader. Doing so does not allow for the stubborn parts. Or the loud laughing parts. Or the easily befriending parts.

Because in that same gymnastics class last week, a boy fell in front of Kaya. No teacher saw. Kaya instinctively put her hand out in support with a look that asked ‘Are you okay?’ The boy saw her, was totally embarrassed and started giggling. Kaya started giggling in return. Then they both climbed the mound and mocked falling down, all the while giggling.

In true leadership form.

The picture above is of Kaya playing Follow-the-Leader with me and her Gammy by the river on a grand adventure. We are lost explorers finding our way home and Kaya, our leader, is showing us the way out. We duck under trees, scale bushes, jump rocks and watch her shimmy under a log (because me and Gammy, well we don’t quite fit!) She puts her arm out, points and yells “THIS WAY!” She is confidant, sure and having a whole lot of fun.

In true leadership form.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams

Kaya may never aspire for mass audiences, but in her own quiet way, she has inspired me (and her dad, sister, grandparents & friends) to dream, learn, do and be more.

In true leadership form.


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