About once a month or so I clean out my purse. There I most commonly find snack remnants, old tissues, broken crayons, orange peels and receipts (though only the ones I do not need again.) I also find my jotted down notes of the musings of a four-year-old. Here are two from my purse and one from today, just before nap.


Bal is all excited to scoop out the pumpkin and carve with Kaya. Only she immediately starts gagging at the sight of pumpkin goop.

“Ugh, it makes me cough (gag)!” and she runs away never to be seen again.

Later I ask her why she didn’t help daddy with the pumpkins.

“Because it is sticky and smells yucky and daddy does it for me.”


“Do you want to be a pirate?”


“Do you want to be spiderman?”

Shrug of the shoulders.

“Do you want to be a princess?”

“No, I just want to be Kaya.”


“Okay girls. 2 more minutes until nap!”

“NO! How about ten more… LAUGHS!”

My daughter is freakin brilliant. Besides, 10 laughs happen much faster than 2 minutes in this household!




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