Book Smarts

On the weekend, the fam went into a bookstore, “for 5 minutes guys while I grab a couple books for the new baby.” They should probably know by now that I am full of it. I should probably know better than to truly think I can accomplish such a feat. For when I enter a bookstore, I am sucked write in. (You see, I put ‘write’, not ‘right’) I can not help myself. I LOVE BOOKS.

So that is how we spent over one hour in the bookstore and left with 5 books, not 2.

Truly, I can not help myself.

My favourite find was one for the girls. But let me tell you a secret. It is really for me. Already tucked into my nightstand drawer along with An Awesome Book. Maybe the girls will get them eventually. Maybe not.

Oh god, I totally can not help myself.

This book is Beautiful Oops! and man is it beautiful.

I knew before even opening the front cover that I was going to love this book. I was not mistaken.

Do you ever pick up a book and know that it was written just for you? Or sense that it connived its way into your hands even though it had no business doing so? That is what this book did. Sung out to me as I passed, Soprano-style, so that I had no choice but to stop and look.

We all make mistakes. What we do not all do, is see the beauty that can come from those ‘mistakes’.

This at a time when I keep faltering in my attempts to start a new project. One that I am passionate about but seem ‘stuck’ in the fear of beginning. This little ‘kids’ book gave me the push that I needed. The wisdom to encourage “Hey, you know what, it may not end up being what you envision, but it may just take you down a road that is even better. Bumpier perhaps, but more scenic.” I always did like the road less travelled.

So today I am filled with ideas and creativity and flow. As I jot them all down, a lot of mistakes are being made.

Yesterday this would have stopped me. But today I carry on, knowing this is my opportunity to make something BEAUTIFUL!

How cool is that?!


3 thoughts on “Book Smarts

  1. I’ll say, sitting here in an airport about to fly home from two days of celebrating OOPS’s with children in Sonoma County, CA, I think it’s amazingly cool that you found my book and it got to you!!!! HOORAY!

    Barney Saltzberg

    • Is it just me or is this world we are living in pretty damn cool?! A book calls to me, I buy it, I blog it, the author reads it, thinks it’s cool the book found me, and he comments on my lil ol’ blog. Cool! So thank you Barney Saltzberg for the comment but mostly for creating such a brilliant book. Still LOVE it and still haven’t shown it to my girls yet…

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