November Loving

A local community network asked me to do a guest post for them. You can see it here! Of course, I wrote it on the first day of November, a blustery, downpouring day so it made a little more sense as today is actually quite a gorgeous November day. Still, I think we all sort of get the November Blah’s don’t we? My post there is about how one little act of defiance against those blahs (puddle jumping in tutu’s!) can change your whole mindset. It totally worked. So here, the rest of my list of why I am LOVIN’ November!

  1. Changing colours!
  2. Friends of mine welcoming a baby boy and not taking one moment for granted that he’s here! Welcome Adam, I can not wait to snuggle and smell you! (Is that creepy? Kind of sounds wrong but come on, new baby smell is the best smell in the world!)
  3. Yellow!
  4. Shopping for colourful umbrellas.
  5. Red!
  6. Super-sonic, blasting off wet slides in slippery Muddy Buddies. As long as I hold the kids hands. Otherwise it is not fun. It is painful.
  7. Dirt!

    Finding a hole to play in was the best 30 minutes of their day!

    Though we love playing in dirt, perhaps Brennyn got a little too into it...

    Didn't stop her from planting a big smoochie on Gammy! Yuk!



    Picking out magic treasure rocks from the puddles.






    Running, and walking, in the leaves. This is the path, not the side of the path. Just completely covered. I have decided November is, in fact, my favourite time of year to run!


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