Puddle Body Slam

Okay, it is true. Every single time I upload a new set of photos, I find the picture that is my favourite picture EVER. This time is no exception. And it is not the arty, photography pictures that are usually my faves. No, more often than not, it is a simple picture where I have captured, just perfectly, that wrinkle or smirk or gaze that are so my kids. Those pictures, these moments, make this mamma’s heart sing.

Yes, even this photo.Especially this photo!

Because it so encapsulates my Brenny. The adventurer, the klutz, and the drama. All of it, layed out right here.

It all began with a little family outing. Showing Brennyn the fine art of the Puddle Jump. She caught on. Fast. No surprise there.

But then the excitement and energy got the best of her and she attempted the Puddle Leap.

It turned into the Puddle Belly Flop. With full facial immersion.

Yup, that was one deep puddle.

This is the aftermath. Since I missed the flop itself in my scramble to save the day, I could not miss the drama that ensued.


Love it. And love that almost right after this photo is taken, Daddy makes a funny face and the crying stops. Then she wants down.

To splash in puddles again.


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