A Whole Lotta Treats

Halloween has come and gone. The candy has come and will stay.

On my hips.


Still it was a fun weekend. Spooky mini train rides and trick-or-treating with friends is always good.

Kaya could not choose between Spiderman and a Princess. So she did both. Not together, though she tried that too.

After I pried off her new dancing shoes and put on gumboots, we headed to our local train park for some crafts, mini train ride and spooky train car scare. Here’s Spidey and the dancing Elephant doing their best not to be scared.

On the actual Halloween night, Kaya opted to be a princess. If we’re gonna go princessy, I figured we may as well go all out so I bought glitter make-up and glitter for her hair. I can not even begin to tell you how excited she was to get to be glittery! So very cool. In this picture, she is far too busy watching Scared Shrekless to show her excitement however. It’s all good. That Shrek was a bit freaky!

By 5:30, not yet dark out, the door bell rings and one of Kaya’s friends is all ready to head out trick-or-treating! Seriously, holding back 4-year-olds until after 6pm to do something fun like this is near impossible! All this energy even before the candy high even!

So off they go. In the light. Surprising people who do not yet have their candy ready or jacko’lanters lit. But they were adorable and excited and people forgave them.

A great night. A great haul. And since 70% of the candy is chocolate that Kaya will not eat, I had better go get running now. See ya!

Oh, but first Bal’s pumpkins.

He did not disappoint. Kaya wanted a bat just like her purple cut-out one from the train park. Done. But the pirate is the real star of the night. Co-starring Monster Blah-Blah (our door as seen in previous post) which was actually quite effective scaring some of the littler kids. And drawing more people to our door I think! I totally ran out of candy and had to resort to handing out fruit snacks. Boooo!


One thought on “A Whole Lotta Treats

  1. We totally ran out of candy too. We wouldn’t have if we just kept our paws out of the box over the past week!
    Great little Trick or Treaters you had! So cute!

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