Feasting on Fall

This is my FAVORITE time of year! Though it is possible that I say the same thing for every season.

But fall, oh there is just something spectacular about fall.

Let me not delve into generalities.

Let me just show you.

One day, in the life of my family, in the fall.

Granted, not every day is so full-on.

But every day is full. In the soul sense, not the busy sense. Ya know?

And every fall day most definitely has at least one of these elements:

Pumpkins and garlic, hay and hoolahoops. Oh, and always with heart.

Daddy and daughters on a giant swing beneath snow-capped wonder. Akkk, it does not get better!

Except for maybe fall toques on babies. Especially ones you purchased that morning at a kids swap for 0.50 cents! Seriously, I scored 3 gorgeous sweaters, baby boots, the toque, a ruffly skirt and 2 matching fleece pajamas for $4. Unreal!

Crisp morning air, around a giant crackling firepit, overlooking these pumpkins on one side,

and freshly popped Kettle Corn on the other. Oh, and these mountains. No biggy.

Fall brings scrumptious tights. Okay, okay, it is true, I myself detest wearing tights but putting them on my girls, in varying colours and patterns, well that is perfection. All the better with corduroy skirts and gumboots. Totally.

On hay in the midst of a Battle Royale Hay Fight completes the picture.

There are wagon rides,

to partake in the Great Pumpkin Debate of 2010,

and walks with the wee ones to the wee house and tractor that are weewy, weewy fun. Ahem, sorry…

And though there are wee things to see, there is gigantic joy to be.

Especially when you get to finish your frolicking day dancing, shimmying and cheering for your favourite band in the whole wide world, Bobs and Lolo! They put on a wonderful show, evident by the dancing, giggling delights below them (that’s Kaya looking on in adoration with perfectly placed strands of straw still in her hair!) and by the teary parents at the back looking on at their amazing kids funning it up.

Or was that just me?

A perfect autumn day.

If you end right there.


The three hours after that are not quite so pretty.

No picture evidence of the over-tired, hungry monsters that take over the children on the car ride home I’m afraid.

No matter how hard I try, boogers, tears and tantrums are just not quite so photogenic.

Ah, but practice makes perfect they say.

Apparently my kids know that,

cuz they keep me practicing!


2 thoughts on “Feasting on Fall

  1. Just lovely…:) I love the fall season, and seeing it through the lens definitely does give it such a different, beautiful light. I am also oh so familiar with that journey home after the beautiful memory making day with those exhausted, frustrated little “monsters”. 🙂

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