Magic Watermelon Boats

Today let me tell you about an awesome book. Literally, An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton.


You can go here to read the entire thing. And while you’re there, please watch this video. It will inspire you.

You can not get this book at the bookstore yet. What you can do is order it directly from Dallas and when you do so, he will give one book away as well. Physically hand somebody his book, for free. Kids of all kinds. He does not discriminate who or where or age or want. I love that.

Originally I bought this book for Kaya’s 4th birthday. But then I got it, and flipping through it, I knew I wanted to inscribe it to both my girls so it’s being set aside for Christmas.

The only problem? It is set aside at my nightstand. Where I can not stop reading it for myself!

Because it reminds me that my dreams are not too hard, undervalued, or impossible. If anything, they are too small. Which reminds me of a couple of my favourite quotes from Brian Andreas over at Storypeople.

“I’m a good jumper, she said, but I’m not so good at landing. Maybe you should stay closer to the ground then, I said & she shook her head & said the ground was the whole problem in the first place.”

Don’t you just love that? Shakes up the way you look at the world. Beautiful. And then this one,

“We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I’d never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own.”

Which is so cool, and so true.

Kaya has been dreaming a lot (both the sleeping and imagining kinds) about flying lately. Here’s a few of our conversations in the last couple of weeks.

“Mom, when I get big, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… I am going to be as big as the light and I’m going to bonk my head all day long on it and then if I jump, I will go out of the window (skylight) and I’ll jump again, I’ll be so high out of the house and then I can fly! Probably I will fly into a rainbow.”


“Mom, I see pink clouds! What are they?”

“Pink. Clouds.” I answer systematically.

“No, I mean what do they look like? Pretend mom!”

“Oh. Umm…” Drawing a blank. I am seeing nothing but a damn pink cloud so I cop out, “What do you see?”

“I see a train! A pink, flying train that all the birdies love and go on just like the Dinosaur Train!”


Playing unicorn. Jimmies up a contraption using a princess crown and a unicorns horn, then sings,

“Come on princess, hold this and I’ll show you how to fly! We’re going to fly to the Haunting House.”

“Ewwww. Scawy… ”

“Don’t worry, it’s a happy Haunting House!”


Ariel vs Batman. An epic battle featuring fire torches, ‘Kaaayyyaaa’ Kung-Fu chops, and yes, of course, flying.


“Mom, let’s make a machine!”

“What kind of machine?”

“A monster machine (it’s from her Jillian Jiggs book) but ours won’t squish monsters cuz sometimes monsters are nice. My monster machine will make juice! Strawberry juice and we can give it to a monster and it will make him fly with red clouds!”


At the ocean, driftwood creatures are everywhere.

“Look Mom, there’s a dinosaur.”

“Look, it’s a hockey stick garden!”

“That looks like intestines.”

“This is MY rocket ship!”


Kids do not dream quietly. They do not censor or worry about the reality of it. They just imagine it and roll with it. Or in Kaya’s case, fly with it.

Here here to a million dreams that ROAR!

Then SOAR!!


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