Quote Me Photo- Joy

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. ~Mother Teresa


My two spectacular souls.


Amazing how one small infection can take down the whole body. As you have no doubt sensed in my posts, this week has been challenging. It is not that I have been depressed, or even blue, but I have been blah. Absolutely no energy. Fortunately, I find myself in this net of Joy and Love and beautiful Souls that lifts me up and encourages me to plod on despite the weariness.

There was a time when that weariness would have won out. I would have chosen a book, mirroring that feeling. Picked out blogs that are maybe not so much miserable, but cynical. Acted blah and lazy, letting my kids act that out in their own form- through pouts and tantrums.

Instead I have books surrounding me, aimed to inspire. Blogs that are uplifting and lyrical. Friends looking on the bright side. Kids that are too spectacular and silly to let the smiles fall away.

William Shakespeare knew, “Joy delights in Joy” and so, drained but not wanting to be, I find myself championing a trip to the ocean with the girls. Smiles and sun make it literally impossible to stay blah after all.

Especially with a sidetrip for breakfast and delicious coffee.

Where my girls immediately remind me of their spectacularness and their silliness.Where colours lift me. (And kick me…)

And chairs frame what our table exudes, Heart & Love.

Then it is time to head outdoors where I envision a picture of my girls in front of a pot of Sunshine. They do not concur and this is what I get instead.

A blurry shot of one.

And a blurry shot of the other.

Girls in motion. Abolishing my apathy. Even better.

So to the ocean we go. Where ‘Blah’ has all but disappeared.

While we roam,

and climb,

and discover,That we Can Do Anything.



Surrounded by a net of Love.


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